Saturday, December 22, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas? Well, no actually.

Okay, it's funny the way the mind works. I grew up with green Christmases. I mean really, really green. In Alabama, everywhere you look are evergreens (pines, firs, etc.). So, fall (autumn for your Brit-educated) is a rather anti-climactic time. Even when the leaves have changed and fallen, most of the area is still green. Now, having said that, the green does set off the colors nicely, but... In addition, we rarely got snow (by rarely I mean, we're lucky if it's once a year). And yet, in Jordan it does snow (or at least it did last year). And it gets really, really cold. So, if I have to put up with snow and cold, couldn't it come over Christmas? That would make me SO much happier. Then I wouldn't have to be dreaming of a white Christmas, I'd be having one. How nice would that be? I even got a tad hopeful on Monday when we got a smidgen of hail at the office. And then, it turned warm again. How is that fair, I ask you?

Although, I did have to laugh as I went out for coffee with friends the other day. I realized that it really must be kanuun il awwal because one of my neighbors had broken out the kanuun and was cooking (or warming up) around it. How cool. First time I've seen one this year is in the month named for it. I'm loving the humor of that and glad I have some way to remember the name of the month as they all merge in my mind. At any rate, wishing you and yours a white Christmas (if you want one) and a blessed new year!

Happy kanuun il awwal!


At 2:51 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good morning sweet lady,
You have a very nice easy way of writing and letting readers feel the nice spirit of things.
i have to tell u,We have two things in common..same careers and depeche mode :)

Happy holidays :)

At 5:47 AM , Blogger MommaBean said...

Thanks Rasha, and welcome! Sounds like you have excellent taste in both careers and music! Perhaps someday we can get together and discuss the merits of both.


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