Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Going in Circles

Today, on the way back from dropping off registration for the twins at a pre-school and providing the final piece of documentation on Leila for KG1, I decided to take the kids to visit Teta at her office (which has a playground). Unfortunately, I haven't ever driven there before and had no idea where it is (okay I drove there today and STILL have no idea where it is :) ). I called Teta and she told me she was on her way there. She said I should wait for her at the third circle, but I didn't know which branch of the circle we'd be taking. So, I decided, it's a circle, I'll just keep driving. Imagine the scene from European vacation where Chevy Chase keeps going around and around and around the circle because he can't figure out how to get out. That was what this was like. I was afraid that the traffic cop would decide that I was planning an attack on the Le Royale hotel and stop me. Fortunately, he didn't notice our continuing cirular route.

As I was going around in these circles, I was hoping that (all evidence to the contrary) our living in Jordan wouldn't be like this. It does seem like we are going in circles alot. We start down a path and pass many interesting sights on the way, but end up where we started. We're in that position with the car at the moment. We can't transfer the money to buy the car and we can't get a loan until El 3atal is "confirmed". So, after searching, finding, and deciding on a vehicle, we're stuck with a rental that doesn't particularly meet our needs, but gets us from Point A to Point B. But, the bright side (and this is a BIG bright side) is that the rental car company switched cars on us (the registration on the old one expired, so it's good I didn't get stopped) and this one has air conditioning that works. Indeed, we've spent the last month with a car with no air conditioning. We definitely got a taste, quite literally, of Amman's smells and sounds during that time. So, we're have a better rental, but it still won't fit my stroller :(. I'm still unable to visit any local malls because I wouldn't even try to get my 3 corraled for that. I'll do another post on the need for credit bureaus in jordan. Hey, maybe that's a business idea... But not for me.

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