Friday, October 20, 2006

My Top Ten: Silly things people routinely do while driving in Jordan

1. Triple parking on both sides of a street that is marked no parking.
2. Honking and flipping off people who are proceeding the correct way down a one way street because now the person who is driving illegally can't get through.
3. Making three (or four) lanes out of two marked lanes with cars parked on the side.
4. Shoving and pushing their way to get into the long line of cars, then stopping to let someone out.
5. Choosing to go into a lane they KNOW is blocked with parked cars then getting angry when you won't let them in.
6. Jumping in front of you in a terrible rush, then going so slowly your blind grandmother could (and would) drive faster.
7. Driving 75 mph through the streets of a residential neighborhood.
8. Honking and honking and honking and honking to get the attention of someone they want to come out rather than getting their lazy butts out to press the buzzer.
9. Ignoring the U turn lane at circles so that they can into the circle and make a complete U turn around the circle.

10. The worst by far is what an uncle calls "I can't see you". This is closely related to the game very small children play. You know where they hide behind a leaf and since they can't see you, they think you can't see them. In the "I can't see you" game, people do anything at all that they want pretending that if they don't see you, you'll simply cease being in their way. Unfortunately, this week I had a very negative run-in with this behavior. I was going to pick up the kids and, in VERY heavy traffic, had gone into one of the circles. It was packed bumper to bumper about 4 lanes around the circle. I was in the next to the middle one. A woman decided that she wanted to be in my space and, didn't think there was any real reason to ensure I wasn't there... Needless to say, she ran into me. Oh, and then decided to tell me "Well, it wasn't MY fault." Now, since I was stopped, tell me, just whose fault could it have been?



At 5:45 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree with you 100% even more! driving here sux... from drivers side or from streets or everything else.. its crazy here! you just need to drive like them sometimes or be crashed or you would take 1 hour to get to a place that can take 10 minutes.. this is the way it goes here.. when i started driving honking was the last thing i think about but now, i got used to it and i just use it to have fun onthe street :p jk hehe

At 12:23 AM , Blogger MommaBean said...

It's funny, Jano. Where I'm from, horns are a last resort. However, I find that here, you have no choice. You honestly can't tell if the guy who's about to move into your lane ON TOP OF YOU realizes you're there and is just rude or hasn't even looked (see #10). I've used my horn more in the 6 months we've been here than in the previous 19 years of my driving life!

At 12:12 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny post! But add to that:
* Stopping the car in the middle of the street to stair at a car accident.
* Acting like that no one else is in the street when someone is searching for the place he is looking for.
* Not moving when the traffic light is green even after 15 seconds.

* And much more!

Driving here is so massy but to tell you the truth it is much better than other cities like Cairo, Damascus and Beirut. I went to Damascus in a business trip and I was freaking out when I ever get into a cap, it is so crazy there.

At 2:52 AM , Blogger MommaBean said...

Wow, Samer, thanks for the additions. I'm afraid if I took a poll and really got going, I'd have a top 100 list :0. I agree on the other cities. Where they make 3 ridiculous lanes here, in Cairo it would ahve been 6! I just figure if you're going to go there you have to buy a really crappy, beat up car and just have fun...

At 12:34 AM , Blogger Fedaykin said...

I really hate driving in Jordan...every time I have to drive for longer than 15 minutes, I'm on the verge of a psychotic episode.

Road rage is becoming a problem for me: I nearly chased three twats who were sticking so close behind me in traffic and trying to get me to budge. Why? Where did they think they were going to go?

God, I hate driving here.

At 11:41 PM , Blogger MommaBean said...

Fedaykin, indeed it is a challenge. I also love the people who push their way around you nearly causing an accident so they can stop 1/2 block later to et someone in or out. You KNOW it didn't save them any time...


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