Wednesday, November 14, 2007

All Just a Matter of Perspective...

Today as we were on the way to school, we were just behind a motorcycle policeman. Now, motorcycles aren't all that common here, so we don't see many of them. Butterbean noticed the motorcycle and mentioned it. All of the kids got involved in talking about it when JujuBean said, "it looks like a car." Bad Mommy moment alert... I thought, is there something wrong with her vision or comprehension? The I decided the best approach was simply to ask her. "How is it like a car, sweetie?" "Well, it has two mirrors that stick out." Now THAT is an excellent point. And, so, of course I agreed that in that respect the motor cycle is very much like a car. The conversation in the car moved on to ways that it is different. And, while the point wasn't belabored, I learned a lesson about making assumptions... I'm glad I asked before saying, motorcycles aren't like cars, honey. It's certainly what I was thinking.

Happy visioning!


At 10:22 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

MB...tagged ya!

(very cute, btw, this post. Imagien the independent thinkers you are raising!)


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