Sunday, October 22, 2006


Okay, so I've posted before about this interesting P and B thing here in the middle east. It's quite amusing the things that people will do in either overdoing the P (which they don't have) or going with their instinct and using the B. I discovered this the first time I visited the middle east. In college, I went on a study visit to Kuwait and found that the staple #2 cola in the US was Bibsi in Kuwait. However, in Jordan, I became far more aware of this. In part this is because I spent more time doing average things. However, a month or so ago, I made a trip into Starbucks with my Moms. I noticed that the flavor of the day was Peapeery. Peapeery, c'mon you must be joking. So, I snapped a pic with my cell phone. I asked the young man behind the counter, is it REALLY peapeery? He assured me that this was correct. Okay, I have to admit I didn't trust him. I got home and googled it. Here's what I found on Wikipedia:

"Peaberry is a type of coffee bean. Peaberry is technically a defect, and occurs due to factors such as insect damage to a flower, tree stress from drought/nutrient imbalances, or with cherries that grow at the tip of branches. The majority of fruit from the coffee tree contain two halves of a bean in a single cherry, which is called Type I. Due to the vagaries of nature, some fruit mature with only a single fused bean. This oval (or pea-shaped), solo bean is known as Peaberry, or Type II."

Somehow, I suspect that their Peapeery was Peaberry when it started out from the home office :). So, in the spirit of Peapeery, here are some of the favorites I've either seen or heard about:

1. In Baka refugee camp, there is a shop named after Will Smith's hit TV show: The Fresh Brince of Pel Air.
2. At Jabri, we had the opportunity to get some Plueperry ice cream (it was red by the way).
3. One of my blog visitors mentioned seeing the movie Dump and Dumper in Egypt (I agree with her, it does seem more appropriate).
4. At Pizza Hut, we were offered a very nice new pizza with a trible blend of cheeses. We opted to get the Pottle of water to go with it (Right in your home town Bakkouz).
5. Peapeery coffee available ONLY at the Starbucks in Jordan.

Happy Ps and Bs!


At 1:26 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy And Blessed Eid o kol 3am o inti bi khair :)

At 3:38 AM , Blogger MommaBean said...

And to you as well. May your time off be restful and relaxing.

At 12:21 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mixing B & P in this region is common, I saw few pictures of such mistakes on billboards and signs, I guess you can find them on :D

At 2:58 AM , Blogger MommaBean said...

Thanks for the address on this one. And, maybe one day I'll talk about the grammatical mistakes I see on billboards, magazine ads, etc. I keep thinking, aren't they paying someone to do this? They should get a bad grammar refund!


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