Monday, December 22, 2008

The Jordan Blogosphere Has Got It Going ON!

Many of you may be aware that several of the awesome blogs in Jordan were nominated for the year's annual Brass Crescent Awards (no, not me, slly. I don't fit the criteria...). Most notably, two of my favorites, Nas at the Black Iris and Umm Farouq's Southern Muslimah were both nominated in the Best of the Mid East Category. Well, both won! Nas was awarded the title of best blog in the MidEast this year and Umm Farouq was honored as the runner-up. It just goes to show what I've known all along, Muslim or Christian, male or female, young or old, Jordan Blogs have got it all! If you haven't seen them, check out:

The Black Iris: Nas always has an interesting viewpoint to offer. He blogs mostly about current events and issues in Jordan. Nas is an awesome writer and deep thinker. I am constantly recommending his blog to folks new to Jordan and those outside just wanting to get a better feel for what's important in Jordan and to Jordanians. He also serves to remind me that someone who is pretty much the total opposite (you know, young, Muslim, male) of me can challenge me to think, evaluate, and understand. Congratulations Nas!

Southern Muslimah: Umm Farouq tends to fall more into the Mommy-blogger category with Kinzi, Salam, and I. She talks about being Southern and Muslim, somehow combining cornbread and Ramadan without seeming contrived or overdone. She's just a great Alabama gal living in Jordan (just like me).

For more information on the awards, visit the Brass Crescent website. And join me in congratulating these colleagues of mine. They are out there every day baring their souls in cyberspace and I enjoy them greatly. Thanks for sharing!

Happy Snaps to Jordan!


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