Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Unvitation

Yesterday JuniorBean issued El 3atal an unvitation. For those who are unfamiliar with the Seinfeld terminology, this is where someone disinvties you somewhere. In the episode that the unvitation was issued, a bride was getting married in India. She invited them and then said, but you really don't want to come, it's awful there.

JuniorBean's unvitation was even more pointed and direct. After we arrived home from Ma'in, JuniorBean refused to get out of the car. After a warning, El 3atal gave him a time-out. He spent the whole time-out crying and screeching. Once he came out and calmed down enough to talk to El 3atal, he told him "When I grow up, you can't come to my house." Some minutes later, he came in, apologized, and told El 3atal that he loves him. El 3atal asked if that means he can come visit when JuniorBean has his own place. In a typical kids response, JuniorBean grudging replied, "Only if you don't give me a time-out."

Happy Unvitations!


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