Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Promised Story for Friends... and an Invitation to Live Vicariously

Once upon a time, there was a MommaBean and her three small Beans. Now this MommaBean recalled summers of old. Back in a time when America was still innocent and the days were lazy and wet. She longed for such simple times for her Beans. So, she packed up (or actually packed nothing because she was buying everything) and spent a LONG day on the airplane. She and the Beans and HelperBean made their way through troubles and turmoil all the way to the hot, sticky, humid, lovely South.

Now, on the day in question, MommaBean had been busy enjoying the summer with her Beans. They had been to swim lessons where the Beans practiced their front and back "shark arms", blowing bubbles, bobbing, an other necessary techniques. MommaBean encouraged and sweltered in the summer sun watching the Beans practice and improve. Then, they returned to find that their previous days' efforts had not been in vain.

You see, the Beans spent the previous afternoon on 40 acres of blueberry patch. They picked large, juicy, sweet fresh blueberries (3.5 gallons for those who are curious). They were hot and sweaty, but those berries tasted so good and the picking was as much fun as the blue stained mouths. And the reward, a dip in the cold pool, was worth the wait as well.

Returning to the present, the Beans returned home to find that MimiBean and HelperBean had been busy little bees in their absence. On the table was a cornucopia of summer foods, the like of which are really only available in near-rural communities. They had fresh-picked lady peas (kind of kin to the black eyed pea, second cousins or something I hear), fresh corn, sliced tomatoes, new potatoes, cherries, blueberries (of course), orange and yellow bell peppers, tiny local plums, green and red grapes... well, you get the picture. It was a world of fresh fruits and veggies, with a side of Southern-fried chicken. MommaBean started with the chicken, but left it for another day as the rest of the foods were calling to her. After all, chicken is always available, such a treasure of fruits and veggies is not.

Now, after this feast was finished and everyone had stuffed themselves, MimiBean brought out the final surprise. She and HelperBean had decided to take some of those lovely blueberries and make a confection - nay a taste sensation - unrivaled in the Western World. She made a blueberry pie. She boldly served it ala mode and it was good. I mean REALLY good. Worth the pint of blueberries (retail price $9 in Jordan) that she used to make it. And, in true Southern fashion, everyone at the table found a tiny bit more space to pack that pie into... ;).

And after such wonderful bounty, no naps were taken. MommaBean was considering a nap when suddenly the pitter-patter of rain began. Then the rat-a-tat of a full fledged rain came. Finally, it turned into the flood and bang of a torrential downpour. And MommaBean did what all good Southerners do, she went onto the porch to commune with the beuaty that God had made. She sat and read a story about romance while listening to the beautiful sound of rain coming down and seeing the steam rush off the pavement as the cooling shower drew the heat off the hot road. And she listened very hard to hear the sighs of the plants soaking up the day's rain knowing that tomorrow there will be more and for today this is enough. And then, as suddenly as the peace of the day had begun, she heard tap-tap-tap on the window and left the place of peace and solitude to arbitrate a little Bean dispute. And, in similar fashion, as suddenly as it began, heaven turned off the faucet and the rain stopped. And the day went back on to being exactly what it was... a perfect simple, lovely summer day. A summer day in small-town America where you can walk to the community library, go to a farmer's market at City Hall, ride a pony, and be treated with open friendliness everywhere you go.

And, boys and girls, that ends today's story. We hope that you have enjoyed this commercial-free presentation of the Beans abroad. Join us next week when we'll talk about...

Happy Stories!


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