Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Promise of Summer and other things I love...

So, my dear friend almondjoycie tagged me. She did it very stealthily. Literally, it was like a whisper. You'll see that stealth tag when you read her poem. Me, I'm not a poet (not by any stretch of the imagination), so I'll stick to prose for my list, thank you very much. Basically, the tag is to list ten things you love.

I love the last day of school, the hints of sadness at not seeing loved ones for a long time, the sense of freedom of less structured and disciplined schedules, the unfettered joy of time off and time just being.

I love gentle breezy days after weeks of searing heat. They remind you to breathe, to take it in, to smell the flowers. They remind you to give thanks for the breeze and the sun and life.

I love the joy of a long hot bath, the kind where you sit until your fingers and toes are prunes and your face is flushed from the heat of the tub. The type where, if you weren't in a water-starved country you'd refill the water, add a bath bead or salts and soak for another hour - just because you can.

I love spending time with friends, new ones and old ones alike. I love learning about them, what makes them tick, what fun experiences have stuck with them most, who are they and where are they coming from.

I love lazy summer afternoons spent putting together puzzles and watching movies while munching popcorn.

I love the drama and tears that remind us to slow down, set aside place to be and people to see. Those tears that remind us that our little ones are the most important thing and, even if we don't make that barbecue we'll have fun and be happy.

I love curling up with a good book. Getting so involved in the story between the pages that nothing can tear you away. Staying awake until all hours and then having your eyes jump open early just so you can finish the story.

I love listening to the laughs and shouts of joy that punctuate the screeches and cries of little ones with too much time on their hands and too little direction.

I love the promise of the beginning of summer, that time before the boredom of sameness sets in when the whole world is open to you. You are still caught up in your imaginings of what you will do, lazy days by the pool, playing hide and seek in the yard, jumping in rain puddles, finding new adventures everyday. That moment of promise.

I love that life doesn't turn out like you expect or imagine. I love that everything that you've imagined ends up not being half as fascinating, as moving, as rewarding as what actually greets you. I love that God is not limited by MY imagination...

Happy love!


At 7:08 AM , Anonymous AlmondJoycie said...

I . . . love it! Thank you Momma for taking the time to respond to my call for a little more love in the world. Writing it (and reading it) makes you spend your day appreciating the good.

I am glad you wrote it your way, because your details are so palpable. I especially love the bathtub one, because that's how I feel. You gotta get yourself solar heat, it is possible!

I would love to join you for popcorn, a puzzle or some scrabble.

Happy love!

At 10:50 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

That's a lovely post! It's nice to give praise to what we like! I think we too often forget to do it...

At 2:11 PM , Blogger Letty said...

Looking forward to reading your blog. My family is traveling to Latakia, Syria next month to explore relocating there from California. Hope you don't mind if I ask questions about your experiences.


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