Monday, May 03, 2010

You Know Parking is Bad When...

you pass by an 3azza and they're doing valet parking... For those who don't know, when someone here dies, in addition to the funeral the family has 3 days of visitation where people can come to pay condolences. This is often done in a hall outside of the home. However, some folks will set up a bit of a tent city and hold their 3azza there. They often feed the people who come and what not.

So, last week, for three days, we had an 3azza set of on a corner lot near our house. I was struck by the sheer funniness of the fact that this 3azza had valet parking. Now, valet parking at a grocery store is unexpected, but valet parking while paying condolences seems to be a bit on the actually bizarre side. But maybe that's just me.

Happy valet parking!


At 8:46 AM , Anonymous jaraad said...

No, it is not just you. It is bizarre and funny. I know during the 3azza in Jordan there are 10s or even 100s of cars how many valets they will hire for this service. Some close relatives might be really sad and forget to tip the valet :(

At 9:11 AM , Blogger MommaBean said...

Jaraad. This one was set up for an army of relatives The funny thing is that, although it's a quiet neighborhood with lots of empty streets to park on, they parked them all on the main drag and blcoked traffic, too funny.

At 10:05 AM , Anonymous kinzi said...

MommaBean, I knew I forgot something on the delights post...I drove by this 3azza twice today and it reminded me of one in my neighborhood with valet parking.

Did you see the huge pots of lamb meat for mansaf? They seemed as big as a tractor wheel.

At 11:46 PM , Blogger Rand said...

That's nice, the family has just lost someone and they're still being considerate about visitors and neighbors.


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