Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Honorable Protests of Israeli State Terrorist Propaganda

I came across this video through friends. I have to say that it brings up a number of emotions for me.

These students at University of Michigan took part in a beautiful protest. They were silent throughout, just as the victims of the terrorist Israeli government are silent. Notice several of the students have Duck Tape on their mouths making the point even more powerfully.

At a school where the administration believes it is appropriate to invite such "guests" to the campus, I am so proud that these young Americans have the strength of character and beliefs to stand up and be counted. The fact that a school in Michigan with a huge Arab population would bring them to campus is criminal. Good for those who stood up and were counted!

Happy protest!


At 12:52 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a born-and-bred girl from Ann Arbor, Michigan, home of the University of Michigan.

One of the good things about U of M is that they don't take sides. They wouldn't be shy to invite the opposition to speak at campus either; both sides of the story. Daniel Pipes (MEMRI) has taken issue with them many times in the past.

But usually, they are being accused for taking the liberal side of things...

The most important thing that this clip shows is that the students of U of M feel free to protest (and they do a LOT of protesting!)

At 1:13 AM , Anonymous kinzi said...

They protested in a practical, powerful, respectful manner.

No shouting down the speaker, throwing food or shoes.It was planned and controlled. No one can discount their message due to disruptive and uncivilized behavior.

No matter how offensive the guest or the topic, this is the way to do dialogue.

At 7:19 AM , Anonymous jaraad said...

I liked the way they handled their protest. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

At 9:33 AM , Blogger MommaBean said...

Emi, I agree with the positive side. But, I mean, this is Michigan. Huge Arab population... I mean I went to school in Alabama. If they wanted to hold this there, they'd get almost no protest. Glad they got one though ;).

Kinzi, exactly. I am so impressed.

Jaraad, my pleasure. I thought this one needed to go further than this small group of friends.

At 12:38 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sadly, propoganda rules. Broken international laws are paraded out when truth deniers have run out of selling hate. If 'right of return' has any meaning, then why haven't the Armenians, Slovanians, Hungarians, Ukrainians and Kurds, to mention just a few, been given back their homes/lands or spread terror all over the world to make their case. To hold the world at ransom just for one people, is grossly unbalanced. All honest eyes see for themselves that Arabs in Israel, who chose to stay, have better lives/education than Arabs anywhere else in the world. Truth should be mandatory. Its not a question of sides. Why are all those Arab children at Uni/Michen being raised on hatred in United States? Sad, sad, sad.


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