Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blog About Jordan Day 2011: How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Count the Ways

Ahhh, Jordan. It's that time of year again, spring breezes blow, the region goes haywire, and Blog About Jordan Day come around. In honor of the day (and in the spirit of tradition), I'm going to blog about why I love Jordan.
  1. Lack of commonly available articles in the US challenge your creativity and inspire a world of substitution ideas when trying to replicate recipes.
  2. Groups of like-minded ladies are available at a moment's notice to visit and enjoy a morning's breakfast.
  3. Visitors come bringing food, even when YOU invited THEM to visit and have something nice.
  4. There's always one more little shop or restaurant with excellent owners who will give you great service and a friendly reception (shout out to Ray and Khalil at the Waffle House).
  5. Spring that comes, not tiptoeing in gradually, but roaring in with dust storms, wind, and rain.
  6. People who are happy to see rain... days in a row... no complaining or whining.
  7. Close families and love of kids.
  8. ButterBean's new-found confidence to make a presentation in 3ulum (science) class on Senor El Maa' (that's Mr. in Spanish and water in Arabic).
  9. The fact that ButterBean sees nothing odd in naming someone with the Salutation in one language and the name in another.
  10. JuniorBean's ready reception and instant understanding of the presentation on water in Arabic and his ability to answer all of ButterBean's questions.
All in all, today I'm loving Jordan. My challenge is that everyone either blog or status about Jordan today!

Happy Jordanian!


At 8:10 AM , Anonymous Lisa B said...

MommaBean! I just found your blog. Great reads! I only found out about "blog about Jordan day" today (the 16th), so I've missed my chance.

Happy writing!

At 1:21 PM , Blogger MommaBean said...

Lisa, welcome. Join us next year for Blog About jordan Day... Enjoy!


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