Thursday, October 26, 2006

White and Nerdy?

Okay, so I'm probably grossly behind the times, but I am very impressed. I noticed that Weird Al Yankovic had gained some press for impressive album rating of his latest. In fact, he cracked the elusive top ten. I have been a closet fan for many, many, many years. Okay, since the first time I heard My Bologna and Love is a Cattlefield. Weird Al has been around forever and apparently has gained the stature of a "pop icon". Man, back in the day, he was just a sub-culture or alternative (when the term had meaning) icon. I mean, what white and nerdy guy with an accordion could actually make a song I got to hear on the radio (subculture though it may have been)? I will admit that I thought he went seriously wrong with Fat (take off of MJ's Bad), but other than that, he hasn't done much I didn't get a kick out of. His satires of more recent hits have been awesome. I loved Amish Paradise and his take on the Red Hot Chili Peppers. One of the Chili Peppers even said they felt like they'd make it when Weird Al did a parody of them. His latest White and Nerdy is absolutely awesome. I'm going to try and drop the You Tube in here (a first for me absolutely, but worth the shot (sorry it didn't work....)).

Okay, and the Donny Osmond cameo is tooo funny. Al has SO got the rap movements down as well. Anyway, enough of my enjoyment of Weird Al, check it out and enjoy it....

Happy listening and laughing


At 5:46 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mabrook! I just saw that you're on Jordan Planet :)

At 4:01 AM , Blogger Dave said...

Yeah, that video is hilarious. I think that Weird Al's most recent popularity spike is primarily due to his embracing the internet as a way to connect to his fans and to distribute music (especially in the case of songs that he created but then was barred from releasing, such as the James Blunt parody, You're Pitiful). I love how the song Don't Download This Song criticizes the RIAA and their attempt to prosecute those who download music.

At 11:39 PM , Blogger MommaBean said...

Dave, nice to see there are other weird al fans in the JP blogosphere. I'm glad he started using the internet as it fits so well with someone who got his start in music when his parents gave him an accordion :).


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