Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Extra Blush? It Must Be A Terribly Shy Pillow

So, El 3atal and I went pillow shopping the other day as our pillows have given up the ghost. Alright, now I'll be honest, I never liked our old pillows anyway. But, regardless they had ceased to fulfill the general specifications of a pillow (you know, if you folded them in half, they wouldn't spring back, they'd just lie there folded in half forever). So, we went seeking new ones. I hate to admit that I have no idea whatsoever where to buy things here. I've had some conversations lately with some ladies about child safety products. When we first moved here we wanted to buy electrical outlet covers so the beans couldn't stick their hands, tongues, or other objects into the outlets. Well, every baby or children's store we asked at acted like we were nuts. Now that the beans are rather beyond the age where they do this, it turns out that you would purchase this product at a HARDWARE store. Well, of course... Baby products at the hardware store. Where else?

So, in seeking a pillow we ventured to a store that I reviewed poorly upon its opening and have very little nice to say about now (Carrefour). We go there when we need something that approaches a Wal-Mart because they do seem to have a lot under one roof (poorly laid out and frustrating to deal with but...). We did find acceptable pillows, but I noted that they were very shy pillows. As you'll notice, they're Extra Blush. Teehee.

Yeah, yeah, I know they meant plush, but still. Extra Blush and Bouncy. Sounds kind of like something you'd hear about a girl in house of ill repute. Ah, well. P/B continues to be a problem.

Happy embarrassment!


At 1:12 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I actualy like my pillows well used, and when i fold my pillow i want it to stay folded and not bounce back since i usually use it as neck support, if its very flexible it will stress my neck, i like my pillows hard and docile :P

At 1:31 AM , Blogger Qabbani said...


we still use wool pillows ,and the wool from Damascus too :D.. its so good and better than this new stuff

nice blog , i guess first time here

At 3:05 AM , Blogger MommaBean said...

Bakkouz, that rather figures doesn't it ;). Ah well, to each his own, your pillows are where they go to die...

Qabbani, welcome and I'm glad you enjoyed the post. I haven't ever seen a wool pillow. I may have to do some research and see what I can find. Now, I'm quite curious.

At 9:03 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cute! Blushing Billows!


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