Saturday, September 06, 2008

Long on criticism, short on vision... I finally watched Sarah Palin's "fabulous" speech

Alright, honestly I watched 32 minutes of the 44 minute speech. By that point, I was just SO tired of it. Now, admittedly, my mind was made up LONG before this. There was no way I was going to vote for McCain, so his running mate is immaterial to me. But, I was interested to see how she measures up to the two previous women with a chance to end up/around in the White House (you remember Ferraro and Hilary). And, I am, after all, a woman who is committed to advancing women. So, I watched and saw what I have come to expect from the Republican party.

On the plus side, she's attractive (I understand she is a former Miss Wasilla, so you know... guess she would be nice looking). She's well-spoken and presentable. She has softer visual edges than both Ferraro and Clinton. Sadly, those are the only pluses I personally see.

The minuses are, unfortunately, more numerous. When I see a speech like this one (a home run according to the conservative pundits), it reminds me of a scene from Men in Black. When they bring in all the military guys from the various forces and Will Smith and they give them the "test". Of course, Will Smith is a maverick and the only one who passes the test. The head of the Agency says something like you epitomize what we've come to expect as the best that the military has to offer. By his tone of voice, it's clear that he doesn't mean this as a compliment. This speech and Palin's delivery represent the best of what the Republicans have to offer, and I assure you that isn't a compliment.

Palin started her speech with chatter about her fine and fabulous family. The rehearsed feel of the speech and the camera shots of her little girl holding her baby (awwwwww.... (please)) had the same sort of slimy feel to me of David Vitter's campaign commercials using his infant daughter's stay in the NICU as a play on his "family values" when he ran for a seat in Congress in Louisiana. And, it appears his definition of family values is as clean, clear, and universal as hers (for those who don't know, his name and number appeared in the phone book of the DC Madam and rumors surfaced of a relationship he had with a New Orleans call girl). Similarly, Palin's family values are apparently comfortable with pregnancy out of wedlock. Well, as long as we're consistent... And, the shots of the son who is about to go to Iraq (we'll hope she's still staunchly in support of the war after her son has been there a few months and starts complaining to Mom about the fact that the trucks have no armor and his buddies are being blown up right and left...).

But, the real downside of this entire speech is what I think has plagued the Republicans for years and years and years. They are long on criticism of their opponents and short on vision. They are long on rhetoric about "victory" in war (as if either side EVER wins, and I'd like to see them really consider how much of a victory the Iraqis feel they've accomplished) and short on interest in improving the country. They are clearly very comfortable making very personal decisions for other people, which is my biggest voting determination. I typically vote Democrat, quite frankly, because there is no party for me. I want a party that is fiscally conservative (which given the track record of the last 3 Republican Presidents, they can no longer claim to be) and socially out of my business. While I personally don't support abortion, I also am not arrogant enough to think I have the right to make that decision for others. Being against something is different than legislating it.

Palin spent so much time talking about how grand McCain is and how bad her opponent is (not mentioning him by name, in case it personalizes him I guess) that she forgot to tell us what she sees in the future. She runs down Obama for providing only rhetoric. The first time I heard (yes that's right couldn't even see him) Obama on one of those awesome NPR shows, several years ago, I went home saying, THAT'S what the Democratic party needs. He has a message, and paints a picture of the future he wants to build. You know, I'd rather have someone with a vision toward which we can all work without a plan, than a team with neither...

Palin's speech was well-delivered. Period. What's all the fuss about, I really couldn't say...

Happy Reruns!


At 7:52 AM , Blogger NasEr said...

I didn't like how she mocked the hell out of Obama ! wut did she mean ,that "community organizer" comment was really rude .as i understand these community activities are meant to keep kids off the drugs n stuff of that kind right ? anyway,
I sense a feeling of extreme arrogance in all their talk about winning winning winning and the surge is working :/ whom are they kidding ,i really wonder do they really believe that or is it just to feed the ego of the voters !??

and PLEASE watch TDS's (the daily show) Sep 4th episode you're gonna L O V E I T .they discuss Palin's speech and Samantha B does the interviews at the RNC :D and the guest of that episode is Huckeby and J Stewert corners him soooo badly :D here is where u can download it from

try watching Colbert too :p

At 11:00 AM , Blogger UmmFarouq said...

Bravo. Any chance you'll get out of management strategy and become a politico? You could do it. Great summing up of a *yawn* whole bunch of nothing...I got so tired of those pauses where everyone in the audience would cheer and cheer. She could have said, "And I'm going to send everyone a whale blubber incentive package once I'm elected as VP" and everyone would have gone ape ______.

It's Ramadan. I'm going to control self.

This is why we MUST VOTE.

At 1:01 PM , Blogger MommaBean said...

Naser, That's exactly my point. They're so great at running down others and their ideas while offering nothing in return...

Umm Farouq, I definitely don't have the stomach for being a pundit. Besides, I'm afraid I'm too unreasonable, teehee. Oh, and I'll be voting, for sure!

At 3:13 AM , Blogger NasEr said...

so whats your explanation to Mc Cain's increase in donations and crawling up in the polls after he choose Palin and after she delivered her speech ?

note to Momma Bean : you're not gonna watch TDS are u :( *heart breaks* :D

At 7:31 AM , Blogger MommaBean said...

Naser, I watch TDS nearly every single night, my friend :).

My explanation? Americans are idiots? At least some of them... I would expect to see an upswing among specific voters (far religious right). Hopefully, Americans will vote the right way come November...


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