Saturday, April 04, 2009

Just One of Those Days... A Comedy of Errors

Il Beanmobile xarbanni. Yep, for those who don't read bad Arablish, the Beanmobile is not functioning. It's a silly story in fact. So, here I'll tell it all.

~~~~~~~~~~ Flashback to Wednesday ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

For a few days, the beanmobile's been acting a bit off. It's been a couple of beats slow to start and just sounded ... off... somehow. So, finally, on the day that I invited my entire Arabic class and their families (there are only 5 of us don't freak) to the Bean pad for lunch it decided to stop working. Back in high school, I went through a stretch of time where every time I wanted to go anywhere I had to jump start my car as the battery wanted to give up and I refused (and couldn't afford) to let it. This seemed just like that to me. So, after a comedy of errors trying to find a taxi, JiddoBean left work early and brought us home (with one stop at the corner store for hamburger buns, and the clerk wondered why I was hurrying when 1/2 the folks had already been there for a half hour). Don't I have the best in-laws?

When El 3atal went down to see about the car it started no problem at all... Yikes! But, I didn't trust the momentary good fortune. So, El 3atal decided to wait until today to take it in and get the dealership to check it out.

~~~~~~~~~~ Return to this morning ~~~~~~~~~~~~

!!!!!Beep beep beep beep beep beep!!!!

MommaBean awakens thinking it can't be morning, it was only a second ago I finally got back to sleep (awakened at 4 am with monstrous pain. Awake more than an hour, at least the call to prayer kept me company).

MommaBean rushes to get El 3atal and ButterBean out the door, aleady 15 minutes late, but at least no TwinBeans as there were parent/teacher conferences today. We get to the car and <<>> Yep, you guessed it. The Beanmobile battery gave up. It refused to keep going. So, Mommabean and ButterBean have to walk up to the major street (lugging MommaBean's books, gym clothes, purse, and ButterBean's school books) to flag a taxi. We find one and get to ButterBean's school where she fusses and cries because she's the only one having to go to school. She refuses to let MommaBean (who has 1/2 hour until class and 1 hour's worth of homework to do) go. Finally, 10 minutes until class time MommaBean is successfully away. Never mind the homework, I'll just own up to being fully unprepared (which I did).

It's now 3:00 in the afternoon, still no beanmobile, still unprepared, but finally home again with a happier ButterBean and a tired MommaBean. Maybe it's time to nap...

Happy Days!


At 12:11 PM , Anonymous kinzi said...

How's that beanmobile? Need a ride to practice? ;)

I missed chatting today :(

At 6:10 AM , Blogger MommaBean said...

Finally fixed. Something about needing a battery, I'm not sure why... I thought they ran on hope, wishes, and miracles. Guess not ;).


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