Saturday, June 03, 2006

Against Torture: Isn't that like motherhood and Apple Pie?

Okay, so I joined Bloggers Against Torture in support of Torture Awareness Month. And, as I was doing so, I thought to myself, isn't everyone against torture? Now, don't get me wrong, I'm no more naive than your average Joe. I do get that torture happens. In fact, I know that my fellow countrymen perpetrated unspeakable acts of torture and are still walking loose, while the US President claims that "those responsible have been brought to justice." Oh, please. How dumb are we supposed to be? But, I also think that if you had asked Lindy England BEFORE the situation occurred, she'd have said she's against torture. Honestly who wouldn't? Unfortunately, when push comes to shove, it appears that some people are only against theoretical torture. When reality sets in, they are able to participate in such inhumane acts.

In college, I wrote countless letters for Amnesty International challenging governments to give up their practices of torture and abuse. So, maybe in reality, I'm an activist after all. In looking at the Cosponsoring Organizations, I saw an interesting list of "liberal" organizations. I must admit that I am definitely a liberal conservative. Or is it a conservative liberal? In reality, I (like many, many Americans) belong to a party that does not exist. I am fiscally quite conservative (stop spending my tax dollars) and socially liberal (I want the US government to stay out of my (and others') private life.) So, I consider myself to be in good company when it comes to the organizations that are supporting Torture Awareness Month and hope that more organizations and bloggers will agree that this deserves our attention. Bloggers to join up, visit And, for more information, visit I encourage you to do this. Raise awareness of torture in general and its shameful use by the US government. Take a stand, even just in writing. Because, we all love motherhood and apple pie. We should all hate torture, so let's take a stand together against it.



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At 5:22 AM , Blogger MommaBean said...

Glad you enjoyed it and I certainly understand the vagaries of the information age. I'm very much enjoying your site.


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