Monday, June 30, 2008

Campaign Culture, Has Obama's candidacy invented a new language?

So, my previous post didn't edit up quite the way I wanted, so I'm doing a two post series today. I came across an itneresting article on Slate that in a roundabout way led me to a link for their new book called Obama-mania! The English language, Barackafied

An interesting premise indeed. You can read more about it here --> I've been seeing pushes for it recetly (but ignoring them as I tend to do until something forces it into my conciousness). Today's Barack-ism was Baracktogenarian (an Obama supporter over the age of 20). I also saw Baracknophobia recently.

All in all, they seem to be silly yet endearing plays on Barack's name either in support or opposition to his candidacy. So, why does this matter?

Well, in the American culture of catchphrases (topic of the article that led me to this, also interesting and found here ->, I know Project Managers who believe they can determine the success of their project by how good it's acronym is. Really...I mean it. One guy decided his project was bound to be a success because the call letters were ANAML (pronounced just like animal, of course) and no one in management would forget that one. And, in Louisiana, the current incumbent's most popular bumper sticker said simply "Dub-ya" playing up his idiocy. If catchphrases and goofy terms bring success, then Barack is a shoe-in.

And that makes me glad. As a Baracktogenarian myself, here's hoping his new language leads all the way to the White House...

Happy Baracktoberfest! (And hoping for Barackvemberfest and Barackcemberfest and Barackuaryfest)!


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