Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pomp and Circumstance & Bless Bliss

So, today was a huge day in the Bean household. Today ButterBean graduated. Although no one played Pomp and Circumstance, plenty was evident. The little KG2ers donned caps and gowns (yes tiny little caps and gowns how cute) and marched down the aisle. In honor of the day, they sang several patriotic songs and even some Fairouz. El 3atal was so pleased that ButterBean was singing along with her classmates in English AND in Arabic. I've been telling him, but he really doesn't listen (sigh). So, now, finally! he's seen the light. I'm pushing him to speak more with them bil 3arabi and let them hear him greet people. These conversational tidbits just haven't been part of their experience. They don't give the long string of greeting following greeting (mar7aba, kiif haalik, kiff issahha, kiif il3ayli, and one and one) to their aunties and cousins. Baba doesn't even do it so much. So, how are they supposed to learn these things? I think he got a bit of a push today... we'll see if it translates into movement.

After graduation (we have another one coming up on Saturday by the by), we dropped by a place Kinzi mentioned in one of her blog posts. We stopped by for a little bliss at Bless Ice cream on Abdoun Circle. And it was... a blissful blessing. So, there! Take that Kinzi, you may be going to DQ without even taking OUR orders, but we stopped in for a bless-ing. Ironically, I think the best flavor of the day was JuniorBean's diet raspberry. It was awesome. My own coffee was schway strong for me (a non-coffee drinker). The nutella was also very good, but it would be too much very quickly I think. At any rate, awesome choices and I can't wait to try every one. Although, my waistline assuremes me I CAN wait to try even one more...

Happy Blessings!


At 9:54 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Grad to Butterbean!! I read the post (part of it ;)to lil Kinz, she smiled at the thought of those patriotic songs by BB!

So glad you made it to BLESS! I like the subtle flavors. Are you going to try Licky Licious too?

Peanut Parfait is next on my DQ list. My expanding hips need a week break. I will post of it in your honor.

Hug those beans for me!!!!

At 12:31 PM , Blogger Sam said...

aw mabrook to the butterbean must of been a fun day for her...that icecream sounds yummy...

At 4:58 AM , Blogger joladies said...

it is so strange. Over the years so many of my friends used to plead with their husbands to speak in Arabic with the children and they just would not. I remember King Hussein telling me once that it was a big mistake for him not to make sure his children spoke good Arabic though Queen Noor made sure her children did. T


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