Sunday, August 02, 2009

Rumored Sarah Palin Divorce: Can't They Just Leave Her Alone?!

So, I read today in this article that several Alaskan blogs "broke" the news that Sarah and Todd Palin are currently in the process of divorcing. You know, to me this chasing after Sarah Palin for any gossip or a chance to poke fun has moved into the realm of cruelty. When she accepted the candidacy for VP, she opened herself to the media frenzy and certainly should have accepted it. I found her to be terribly unsuitable for national office on so many levels. But, enough is enough. Her bid was unsuccessful. Get over it. She resigned from her tem the other day, which was news. But now, let her fade into the obscurity which she deserves. Please. Leave the woman alone already. After all, if not for the continuing media coverage of every bizarre twist in her family's personal life, talk of her potentially running again on the national stage would be bound to quiet. Please, join me in wishing farewell to Palin. She's no longer a public figure. Until she again makes herself one, leave her be!

Happy Obscurity!


At 8:37 AM , Blogger Ali said...

Americans love SCANDAL news, It's in there blood, They can't help it.

I got bored during the latest presidential campaign of all the media covering her and her pregnant daughter and everything related for her, And i laughed my ass off while comedy shows made fun of her.

All i can say if the media doesn't cover every tiny bit of her or anyone else, They won't have anything to talk about.

At 10:51 AM , Anonymous za3tar said...

I agree with you totally.
I don't share Palin's views on virtually anything. I too found her pick for VP position to be totally absurd. I also despise the republican conservative attack machine and right-wing media for fear monguring and other sleazy tactics.

But I am also starting to despise the left-wing media machine for picking over people until they ruin them. It seems this is the case on both sides of the isle in America. For god's sake there has to be a limit.

I remember when the then-miss california stated her views on same-sex marriage the left-wing media started picking at her every detail. Way over what should have been the appropriate coverage for that story. They are also doing the same for Sarah Palin.

Seriously, enough is enough. I am a center-left person and i have had enough with this media dance in the US. It seriously knows no boundaries.

At 11:27 AM , Blogger Ali said...

People in the us of a love it when the media crosses the boundaries za3tar.

At 6:22 PM , Blogger NasEr said...

I don't think she really wants to be forgotten . of course with that comes the annoying part of not-being-out-of-the-spotlight ;the ridicule,the rumors ,etc...

At 7:40 PM , Anonymous ace said...

Don't gossiping liars have anything better to do with their time? Sheesh. GET OVER IT ALREADY! Why keep coming up with more lies about Palin? Why keep shining a spotlight on her? Shine the spotlight elsewhere as in on OBAMA and his SOCIALIST AGENDA that he's trying to shove down all of our throats. CHANGE that you can certainly BELIEVE IN!

At 11:45 PM , Blogger MommaBean said...

Ali, Americans definitely have a taste for scandal, but really, enough is enough. I would say that I think 24 hour news made this type of constant ridiculousness plausible. After all, when you have 24 hours a day to fill, why try to find interesting, good news when you can make up and then replay scandals... sad.

Za3tar, I'm with you get over it.

Naser, I agree, she doesn't want to be forgotten. But, we need to forget her anyway.

Ace, welcome to my blog. Frankly, you won't find much sympathy with me on ranting about socialist agendas. After 8 years of abusive practices and industry run amok, some socialism may be required. I'm not convinced that Obama has found the right path, but I also know that drastic times call for drastic measures.

At 1:17 AM , Blogger No_Angel said...

one side of me can't help but agree with you since she is the leader in the 2012 polls and there is a limit to when a joke becomes silly... on the other hand SHE IS THE FREAKING LEADER IN THE POLLS FOR 20 F@#$ 12, shouldn't for the sake of saving face in front of the whole world that the coverage should continue until those elephants come around, at least in this case I'm rooting for huckabee *shrug*

At 10:23 PM , Anonymous kinzi said...

I think EVERY human loves scandal, but wow, this generation of media (on both sides of the aisle) has made it unbearable.

I don't think she is fading into obscurity, though (now that I read some of those right-wing blogs that aren't attack-oriented ;)).

She is working on her book with Lynn Vincent, will campaign for mid-term elections for other Republicans and is doing some of that learning she so desperately needs. Hopefully that will mean learning to deal with media differently, too.

At 11:01 PM , Anonymous kinzi said...

The end-note of this story is that a conservative blogger started investigating this guy, and it turns out is a pathological lier and a KG teacher with a penchant for sexually explicit talk directed toward kids.

He's been fired from his job, thankfully. I don't think he'll be considered a 'source' for CNN anymore, either.

At 10:10 AM , Blogger Ali Dahmash said...

I personaly had enought with the Palin stories on TV, can't America discuss more serious issues about the economy and health insurance and the weak educaton system??


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