Sunday, October 11, 2009

Good customer service while shopping for make-up! Go Faces!

Well, I had to let all of you ladies who, like me, wear big name make-up brands that there is a place to shop that has good customer service! Those of you (all 3 of you) who have read my blog for a long time have certainly heard about my challenges buying Clinique make-up. The original place I tried on Mecca Street is rarely open. When they were, the young lady tried to tell me that Clinique had stopped making my shade of make-up because they don't carry it in Jordan. So, I resolved myself to simply buying make-up in the US and shop-and-shipping it or having friends bring it.

The next time I needed a Clinique product (City Block Sunscreen, which is an awesome product), I tried the Clinique counter in Baraka Mall. They were open but the service was rather lackluster and they didn't have what I needed either (again tending toward dark shades).

So, yesterday, after having just been mentioning that my blush, eye shadow, and lipstick were in pitiful shape (my blush is in 20 pieces and only crumbs, my eyeshadow has a hole in the center so large I have to scrape the barrel to get any, and my 2 lipsticks are down below the rim of the tube...), I saw a store in Mecca Mall that sells Clinique. Faces ME, which I don't think was there the last time I went by that location, has Clinique, Lancome, Dior, etc. Basically, they seem to have upscale make-up and perfumes. I was quite happy. And, while the sales girl didn't speak English, her colleague who sells Dior did. So, between the three of us, we got me new lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow. It was rather comedy of errors since every shade on the display I liked they didn't have in the back. In the end, we ended up with them pulling their stock from the back and opening it to see what the shades look like.

Both sales girls were friendly and helpful. And, while we were checking out, El 3atal mentioned to the gentleman that they don't seem to carry my shade of foundation and asked if they can order it. He indicated that they would be happy to and took my name, number, and shade. We'll see if they come through.

One thing I do think they could learn from the American branches is the makeover. For those who don't know, 2-4 times per year Clinique introduces new color schemes. In the US, they launch these with make-overs. They send cards by mail announcing the new line and asking their customers to call and schedule a free makeover. I'm the sort that only buys make-up every 2 years or so, but when I do, I buy everything. If I try on a set of make-up I like, I'll buy it all, down to the lip liner, eyeliner, and mascara. I spend a couple of hundred dollars at a go. So, basically, I'm the ideal makeover candidate. I come, see, like, and buy. The other nice thing they do is start a card of all of the products you've bought from that Clinique counter. That way if I liked something I had, bu don't remember the name, they can tell me so I can get it again or can find a similar shade. So, those would be my recommendations.

However, regardless of things they could do to boost business, they are on the right track with good customer service. If you need upscale make-up, I definitely recommend giving Faces in Mecca Mall a try (they're in the extension on maybe the 2nd floor next to the parking garage). I was very pleased with the service I got and they will be meeting my Clinique needs from now on (especially if they can actually order products for me!).

Happy Face!


At 9:48 AM , Blogger UmmFarouq said...

Thank you for this recommendation, dear.

Hey when am I gonna see you?

At 7:23 AM , Blogger MommaBean said...

I've been thinking the same thing. It's been WAY too long. Let's talk availability off-line.


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