Monday, January 25, 2010

Cyber-Schizophrenia: I've got it... Me too!

Just when you think you're creating a new term like cyber-schizophrenia, others are there before you. It's comforting, though, that you aren't the only one suffering from a disease like this one. For those who are confused about what this means, it's a condition where managing your multiple personalities on-line becomes more than you can handle. I talk about it tongue in cheek, but it can be a challenge. Clearly, this blog is anonymous. My on-line friends know me as MommaBean. And, MommaBean is on Facebook. She has a page and friends and groups and such. And then there's me. You know, the real life me. No, I'm not going to put my IRL name here. But, I do have a Facebook account. And I have friends, and groups, and relatives.

It's a bit odd to meet people who are likely to mix in both groups. Do I accept them as MommaBean's friends or Real Me's friends? Where do they fit? In a recent conversation, I mentioned to the guy who did a website for us a few months ago that I am familiar with his boss, but only from his blog and its name. I mentioned my blog name and he was floored. Apparently he occasionally drops by this blog. How weird is that? I even have friends who I originally met blogging and they became IRL friends. Sadly, MommaBean had to unfriend them. After all, MommaBean and Real Me can't be friends with the same people. My philosophy is along the lines of "never the twain shall meet."

It's actually a bit odd, in general, to be an anonymous blogger. I don't blog anonymously to give me more freedom to say what I think and people won't know it's me. All of the family and friends know about my blog. I talk about socially taboo subjects anyway. After all, I'd talk about the topics in front of them IRL as well, so why not on-line? I blog anonymously because I think it's safer for the family. In the US, I would blog anonymously because of the crazy perverts out there. In Jordan, I figure it's simply safer as an American to keep a low IRL profile. I expect anyone who needs to in the powers that be could find me easily enough. But, for those garden variety America-haters, I hope it's a bit more challenging.

But keeping my lives separate is hard. Maybe it would be easier if MommaBean weren't really me, you know? If I talked about specific subjects or if there were some other distinction between me and me, you know. I blog for our company and it's separate from this blog. In that one, I talk about specific topics that simply don't come up over here. So, it's easier (except when I forget to sign out) to keep that life separate.

At any rate, I've been thinking about managing these dual-lives for awhile now and figured it was a good time to think about the topic out loud here. After all, are you my friend? And if so, what kind of friend? You have to choose sides after all, do you want to be friends with MommaBean or Real Me? Or maybe you'll join the ranks of cyber-schizos and create another you to be friends with the other me. Wait, I think I just confused myself... Sigh.

Happy Me... No Me!


At 9:50 AM , Anonymous オテモヤン said...

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At 5:46 PM , Anonymous jaraad said...

It seems I have similar problem. My blog is anonymous and hopefully to stay like this for sometime. It is easier to write freely when people, I know personally, don't read my blog. You live in Jordan and you know how complicated our culture is.

At 2:45 AM , Anonymous kinzi said...

I am chuckling, I love this mental disorder we share!

At 8:52 AM , Blogger MommaBean said...

Jaraad, challenging isn't it. But, being anonymous does me no good with people I know... they all know both personalities, teehee!

Kinz, I thought you'd enjoy it...

At 7:48 PM , Blogger 7aki Fadi said...

"Or maybe you'll join the ranks of cyber-schizos and create another you to be friends with the other me"

HAHAHHA too funny!

You are like me, not so anon to freinds and family but anonymous to the general public.

I blog like that because I value my privacy and safety. It takes only one crazy to ruin your life.

At 2:50 AM , Blogger MommaBean said...

7aki, exactly. I KNEW we were sisters under the skin, girl ;).


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