Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sneaky Teeth Strike Again and Celebrations at the Bean house

Well, sneaky tooth girl JujuBean lost another sneaky tooth last night. I tried helping her pull it out before bed and it simply wasn't ready. It was hanging on like nobody's business. Then, during her nightly consideration of the inside of her eyelids, the tooth hopped out. Sadly, it did not hop onto the bed or the floor. It has gone the way of the first sneaky tooth. So, another note to the tooth fairy hoping she will be able to find the hide-and-seek playing tooth where we could not. At any rate, the jingly silver coins are in the special tooth box that was recently acquired. Anyone else think that tooth very well may be coming out the other end?!

And JuniorBean remains sad that none of his teeth are wiggly yet... He knows that ButterBean lost her first when she was 6 (it was more like 6-3/4) and thinks that magically on his birthday, which is half a month away, a tooth will become loose. My efforts to dissuade him have yet to be successful, alas.

On a less frivolous note, we are giving thanks and praising God today that JujuBean's recent and somewhat lingering headaches are not related in any way to the surgery she had as a baby. My Mommy worries have been silent but ever present. Today's confirmation lifted a large load off of my shoulders. So, I will simply try to be thankful when she wakes me at 2 in the morning with a headache and hope these days pass quickly.

Happy Sneaks!


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