Thursday, July 22, 2010

Approaches to Life Seen In The Slip 'N Slide...

Okay, for any of you who aren't familiar, the Slip 'N Slide (the picture above is the one we have by Wham-o and is excellent) is an amazing and wonderful invention. We had them when I was a kid and, while they have made incremental improvements in operation, they are fundamentally the same. They require very little skill, but some bravery. Watching the Beans do the Slip 'N Slide has been very interesting. On our maiden voyage, as it were, the Beans were 100% true to type.

JujuBean put her whole self into it - heart and soul. She hopped out across the end of the SNS and powered all the way to the end. Junior Bean tried hesitantly, stopped halfway then watched JujuBean and found his own style. ButterBean ran to the end of the SNS, came to a complete halt then sat and wondered why she didn't slide.

In life, ButterBean is the cautious (perhaps overcautious) one. JuniorBean us the watchful one. And JujuBean is the all-in all-the-time one. Fast forward to today. They've had several more Slip N' Slide sessions and today was the chance to demonstrate their skills for El 3atal. It was his first chance to do SNS with them. Since the first effort, ButterBean has developed a little more bravery about the SNS. It took some hand-holding (literally, I held her hand and ran with her to pull her down the slide), but she got there. So today, we had JujuBean who still goes 1000% and always end up off the end of the SNS. We have JuniorBean who enjoys trying new methods and paths. He seemed to have a alignment issue (he pulled to the right off the SNS just past halfway). And then we had ButterBean, who looked like a dainty little princess running along on her tippy-toes and then sitting up in a curled-leg position without mussing herself a bit. It was very cute. And it was simply a continuation of their approach to life. And, it's such fun to watch how they develop, grow, and learn.

Happy life-styles!


At 7:34 AM , Anonymous kinzi said...

Cute images, I can picture them doing just that!

Remember to be careful on the SNS if you are an adult ;)

(hey, I am sorry I didn't get back to you about a trip up to our neck of the woods. Things got out of control a month ago and are not quite back there. Lotsa stories to tell when we reconnect in Amman!)

At 7:14 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, The Slip N'Slide!!! I loved mine.
Do they still kill the grass underneath if you forget to put it away after using it? That was the only downfall. Well, that, and the time we got the brilliant idea to put it on a hill. Whoooo!!! We were grass-stained and burned!:)


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