Tuesday, July 06, 2010

What Vacations Do YOU Remember From Your Childhood?

So, msn had a list today of the most memorable vacations for your kids... I'm thinking about what vacations I remember. What are the things that stick most in my mind... Care to share yours?

The funny thing is that most of my memories aren't about the places, they're about the people. One significant exception would be the tour of Italy and Greece when I was 13. remember parts of that very well. Here are the things I remember:
  1. Horse Pens 40 (http://horsepens40.tripod.com/). This is where my mom taught us about camping, hiking through the woods and picking (and eating) fresh watercress, pickin' and grinnin' and other necessary things for all Southerners (right?).
  2. Ruby Falls (http://www.rubyfalls.com/). This waterfall is distinctive as it is 145 feet tall, but is totally encapsulated in a mountain. That's right, this thing is underground. The trip to get there is really cool and features neat cave formations. In addition, there are billboards across Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee urging you to visit Ruby Falls.
  3. Rock City (http://www.seerockcity.com/). Next door to Ruby Falls, this attraction also sports billboards (barns (over 900 of them in this campaign's heyday from Michigan to Texas), etc.) that urge you to See Rock City! This park has beautiful views and fun rock trails (Fat Man's Squeeze was always my favorite spot in the place).
  4. Tallahassee, FL. Mom had a friend that moved there. Actually, to be specific I don't remember Tallahassee, I remember the trip there and back...
  5. Clearwater, FL. Gorgeous beaches (at least pre-spill). You can go tot he end of a pier in 30 feet of water and it is as clear as standing on the shore. Literally, you think you could jump in and touch the bottom :).

Okay, I'm tired and that's all I've got for tonight. What are your favorite destinations? Any that you have or will be taking your kids?

Happy Road Trips!


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