Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Reqiuem? Certainly not for the talents involved...

So tonight, my most wonderful mother-in-law took me for a girls night out to Mozart's Requiem performed by the Dozan wa Awtar Choir and the National Music Conservancy Orchestra. It was one of the most beautiful and moving concerts which I've attended, and I have attended many. The balance of voices was exquisite and the use of dynamics was truly astounding. I wantd to drop a quick post to give kudos to the fine ladies and gentlemen who were part of this event. And, a special congratulations to Shireen Abu Khader. Her direction was flawless and produced such a lovely sound.

~~ Tangent begins~~
In the world of strange coincidences, Shireen looks a great deal like a friend of mine who I recently found out has cancer. So, in a strange way tonight it was as if this Requiem was being sung directly to her. However, I am taking the positive view that the Requiem that was sung marked an end to the hold the cancer has over her life. My prayers for her are that she experiences healing, peace, and grace. And I hope to hear that tonight, the cancer was beat back.

~~ End of tangent~~

To my original point, I understand that Lina's sister sang alto, so please pass along my kind thoughts on the beauty of the piece that they performed. If you have the chance to hear this choir, take it! I'm hoping that, even with my ridiculous schedule, I'll find a way to join. Being associated with such an awesome group of talent can only help to push my sad little meandering to a higher level... Oh, and the soloists (Caroline Widegren, Laura Harvey, Tarek Younis, and Jonathan Acker) were also amazing. So, my hats off to this fine group of people who both sang and played with enough beauty and grace to move the audience.

Happy listening!


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