Thursday, December 13, 2007

Nothing Says I Love You Like... Paper Products?

Okay, while I was doing my shopping, I noticed a VERY odd thing. Fine (yes that's right the tissue and toilet paper folks) are marketing a "gift box" for Christmas. It seems to include two boxes of tissues, a pack of holiday napkins, a set of coasters, and a keepsake frame. Wait a minute! Someone thought it would be a great gift idea to give someone tissues?! Might as well have included a six pack of toilet paper too. I'm sorry, but for me this goes into the "what were they thinking" category. So, those of you who were considering giving me a fine box of Fine for Christmas, save your money and make a homemade card instead... it will be more appreciated. Of course chocolates would be even MORE appreciated, teehee.

Honestly, this box of Fine products really smacks (to me) of the last minute Christmas Eve shopping some people are wont to do at the drugstore. You know, the perfume for her and comb for him... and don't forget the ubiquitous nail clippers. I always used to say, nothing says I don't love you like last minute gifts from the drugstore. Well, here even that would be a step up.

Happy White Christmas! (May yours be paper filled and blessed (and your presents slightly more inspired)!)

*** Update***

When I got home from the store yesterday, you'll never guess what Teta and JiddoBean (unless you actually read the above post). That's right, they brought us a Fine gift pack! Hahahaha! Okay, and now the admission, the boxes are cute and the kids are really enjoying them. As a fun little something for kids, it is a cute gift, but as the only present someone gets you, it would still be very hokey.

Happy Nose Blowing!


At 9:39 PM , Blogger Dave said...

Yeah, this is about as bad as the "collectors edition" cereal boxes that you can find in the know, the ones with pop stars and NASCAR drivers on them. Who, in their right mind, would someday buy a 10-year-old, stale box of cereal because it is considered as "collectors edition". Then again, some idiot just paid a small fortune for a lock of John Lennon's hair...

At 11:15 PM , Blogger MommaBean said...

Wow, this IS bad. Collector's Edition CEREAL?! What an awful gift, I preict these trends will replace the dreaded socks, underwear, and homemade knit sweaters of my generation as the awful gift from Aunt Edna.


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