Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hidden Talents, can you believe I found these in actual magazines!

Okay, so while I lack (totally might I add) any ability to draw, paint, or otherwise render objects that look like themselves, mini talent in stick-figures notwithstanding, I do enjoy some creative pursuits. These are talents that I've typically kept fairly well hidden. And, I haven't engaged in them nearly as much since I became a Mom (thanks Beans!). But, I thought I'd share with you some of the most interesting quotes I've clipped from magazines. To set the stage, in college, I would take all of the magazines I received and clip quotes, letters, pictures, anything that struck my fancy really, to be used for "art projects". I made bulletin boards for my dorm, notes for my friends, and covered objects for daily use.

Now for those of you who heard clipping and magazines and immediately went into stalkerville, I'm dropping some photos of things I did. The first, my lap desk, I made in college. I received many requests to make similar ones for friends with their own personalities stamped on them in the choice of quotes and pictures. The next two are soap dispensers that I made once I learned about this magic invention called Mod Podge, which goes on like glue and dries clear and impenetrable to water.

I decided that, rather than continuing to hide my creative abilities under a bushel, I'd bring them right out in front. And, maybe in the near future I'll open a shop selling personalized household items and fancy decorated cakes... teehee. This came to mind because the Beans and Lil Kinz each made their own personalized soap dispenser as today's "art project". Once they dry solid and hard, I'll try and post pictures, but I may forget...

And, now, for the most unique quotes I managed to clip from run of the mill fashion publications...

  1. At first Helen thought it was the shades and pineapple shirt. Then she realized that Herman had shaved his moustache.
  2. For me, a woman is always as mysterious and unfathomable as a stegosaurus, or as seductively alluring as a siren.
  3. make like a turtle (but not a slug)
  4. People always ask me, were you funny as a child? And, well, no, I was an accountant.
  5. Oddball icons of an impish image master
  6. No dunkin'. No dough. Just nuts
  7. Excuse me sire, do you always talk with your foot in your mouth?
  8. a recluse with a Macintosh
  9. After You! We Insist!
  10. Family fetish
  11. I would like to be very polished, beautiful, with no rough edges. But I delude myself. I'm a failed escapist.
  12. and the golden doodle goes to...
  13. petal pusher
  14. Amy Writing Awards
  15. A fat lot of good that did
  16. They Stooped to Conquer
  17. If the shoe fits
  18. You really are an old softie
  19. The secrets of my mother's dresser
  20. We're taught to rewrite male hostility as a tribute to our charms.

I hope you enjoyed the MommaBean equivalent to "And To Think I Saw It On Mulberry Street."

Happy light hiding!

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At 8:39 AM , Blogger Serendipity said...

I love your artowrk! So clever! I'm glad you shared it w/ us.

--Becky B. (TX)

At 3:43 AM , Blogger MommaBean said...

Thanks lovely Becky!


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