Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thoughts on the difference between photographers here and in the US

Okay, so here's a truly amazing thing about Jordan, the pictures for the Fashion Show we were in on Tuesday were ready on Wednesday. This happened at my wedding as well. We got married on a Friday and the pictures were ready for out of town guests to review by Saturday. We DID have to wait until Sunday for the video though. Teehee. As if waiting two days after the wedding for the video to be ready is a hardship...

The funny thing is that the photographer for this event was the videographer for my wedding. Way back in the dark ages (almost 12 years ago), this guy was nearly unknown and worked from his house. After my wedding, my MIL sang his praises and told everyone about him. As a result, he became the most popular guy in town. While his quality has always been top-notch, he just wasn't well-known. Now he has a fancy studio in a nice part of town and has given up the dining room table for better digs. His quality is still top-notch (and we used him just two years ago for 3ammoBean's wedding) and his timeliness is only slightly slower (his video took 2 days).

And now for my bias, I think the photographer from my wedding was better than this guy. Admittedly, he's old now (came out of retirement for 3ammoBean's wedding), but his son is still doing it. But, as MIL explained, he doesn't make a CD and put the pictures on computer for people to review. They have to look at the printed pictures. He is also really out of the way for everyone except us (he's near Butterbean's school and close to our office). But still, I think he's technically better at getting great shots than these guys. And yet, one of the pics of Butterbean was about the most lovely thing I've ever seen.

Happy mugshots!


At 10:53 PM , Blogger ابو عصام said...

Nice post, I especially like the closing "happy mugshots". The success story of your wedding photographer is an example of how perserverance, and a job well done are always the sure steps that lead to prosperity.

At 3:09 PM , Blogger Moey said...

Thanks for posting that comment about my designs, I'm honored :)

At 4:20 AM , Blogger MommaBean said...

Thanks Mansour, I agree doing top quality work in a timely and customer-friendly fashion will lead to success.

Moey, the honor is all mine that you shared the designs with us. And again I ask, where were you when I was looking man! Teehee


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