Saturday, April 26, 2008

We Blog Because... We Are All Fouads and God is Awesome!

First, shout out, as always, to Nas because he keeps me informed. I saw on his blog that Fouad Al-Farhan is finally free (check out the original post from Saudi Jeans). And, now, a shout out to God (who doesn't need one but I need to give one). He heard our prayers, our pleas, our heartfelt requests. It seems like just yesterday I was blogging with my prayers, asking God to intervene (actually it was four days ago). Doesn't He work fast! And, I'd like to make this post yet another tribute to Fouad... I Blog Because...
  1. What I say may, just may, help free someone from prison
  2. Our community needs to know that we are here, we are thinking of them, we think they matter and we matter
  3. I have something that needs to be said
  4. Without honest, open self-criticism we are unable to grow, change, and become all we can
  5. We remember those who give their freedom to effect change and make a difference

In short, we blog because We are All Fouads. Each of us is perched in that realm where we need to say what we think, but also know that we may face difficulty because of it. For some the danger is very real and personal (prison or worse), for some it is the danger of being shunned by friends, family, and local community. We are all on that knife-edge together. We are all Fouads...

Happy freedom!

In final closing, Thank you God for this mercy you have shown us. Thank you for the children who have their prodigal father home, Thank you for hearing our cries. This day before Easter, you remind us of the hope, the will, the beauty of this time. You remind us that You are the King and you can do anything. Thank You God... on my knees in humble supplication and awe at your kindness and mercy... Thank You.


At 1:52 PM , Blogger kinzi said...

Amen, MommaBean, and HALLELUJAH! WAHOO!

At 9:31 AM , Blogger Mimi Cooks said...

blogging is still very new in the world, but i know for a fact that one day , soon i hope, will play a huge role in our lives to change things for the best and help others in very positive ways!!
Way to go for God's blessings and answering prayers and much relief for Fouad for being freed!

At 10:58 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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