Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Things I Like BEST About Ramadan

You know, I'm pretty quick to complain, but I hope I also take the time to offer praise. So, this blog post is about the up-side of Ramadan. I've been thinking about what is nice about Ramadan, since there are a number of things that make the minority out there inconvenienced. So, here's my list:
  1. Visiting friends: The Eid celebration gives me the change to visit Muslim friends and spend time with them under no pressure. When it's Christmas or Easter, there's a sense of rush and urgency to fit everyone in. For Ramadan, I don't have to worry about obligation visits (not that I do too many of those) or being rushed. It's just another month for me, so I can take my time and visit with friends.
  2. Shorter school days: More time home with the Beans is always appreciated. Ramadan gives us the chance to spend time at home enjoying each other (but still have them out of the house for part of the day).
  3. Opportunity to talk about diversity: Ramadan is an excellent time to talk with the Beans about our faith and how the Muslim faith differs. We are able to talk about similarities and differences between Ramadan and a time like Lent.
  4. Less air pollution: Yes, although not being able to eat and drink in public is annoying, it's worth it for smoke-free days. Now if the guy who's been smoking outside my home office window at night would just move somewhere else...
  5. Seeing others give to each other (like the Action Committee's Ramadan Food Drive, details below thanks Nas!)

The Action Committee has started its food drive for Ramadan and your help is needed! The Ramadan food package is going to cost 20JDs and will contain:

  • 3 kg Rice
  • 3 kg Sugar
  • 2 kg Beans
  • 2 kg Lentils
  • 6 Packs of Pasta
  • 2 Cans Tomato Paste
  • 1 kg Tea
  • 2 A’mar Eldin
  • 1 Oil
  • ½ kg Dates
  • 12 packs Maggie

The drive is underway and will last for the next week or so, depending on the donations. The Action Committee is targeting the last 10 days of Ramadan for distribution.

So tell a friend, tell a family member, tell the neighbor, tell the people at work, even the weird guy who sits in the corner of the office and who no one talks to; this could be your chance.
For bloggers: Forward this message. Post about it. Spread it. Mobilize! (check!)

Just like last time, when we went from this, to this. It’ll be interesting to see the extent to which blogs can make a social impact in Jordan.

You can contact Sara at 079-5154498

Those are the things I like best about Ramadan, what about you? Anything to add to the list?

Happy Ramadan!


At 6:55 AM , Blogger Qabbani said...

Thank you for support :)

Action committee


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