Friday, January 07, 2011

Joy in the Face of a Wetting...

Being from Alabama, I'm used to rain. Lots and lots of rain. Weeks of unending rain. And the desire to sit warmly in my little house watching it outside is not new to me. Nor is the complaining at the unending sameness of the rain unusual. I recall birthdays hoping it wouldn't rain, prom nights praying for clear skies, and other activities that require sunshine.

Living in Jordan, however, give a different perspective. In a country where windows in new construction can be left open for seven or more months with no fear of water damage, rain takes on a new meaning. Here you don't take rain for granted. Most of the year we get none. I don't mean very little, mind you. I mean no rain. For months. On end. So, when it rains in Jordan, people celebrate. People are more lighthearted (no Seattle-style depression at the lack of sun) and no one grumbles on complains about the rain.

I love that Jordan makes you thankful for the rain...

Happy Rainy Days!


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