Monday, November 29, 2010

Not to toot my own horn but... I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!

Warning, gratuitous exclamation mark usage ahead!

Ladies and gentlemen, join me in cheering, shouting, and honking horns in celebration of my first-ever completed novel! Today, while listening to TetaBean study with the kids (thanks TetaBean!), I finished my novel. In just 50,300 words, I finished a novel that will set the world on its ear... or not, teehee. But, it is a novel and it is my first. Just saying, woohooooooooo!!!!!

For those who took me up on my challenge, show me your crappy prizes. For those who didn't, sad to be you. Those who took me up on my challenge one month ago and wrote 50,000 words in November, dinner is ready when are you?

And for those who have no idea what I'm talking about, once again MommaBean has done something counter-cultural (call the papers!). In the month of November, I joined in the National Novel Writing Month challenge. In their own words...

What: Writing one 50,000-word novel from scratch in a month's time.

Who: You! We can't do this unless we have some other people trying it as well. Let's write laughably awful yet lengthy prose together.

Why: The reasons are endless! To actively participate in one of our era's most enchanting art forms! To write without having to obsess over quality. To be able to make obscure references to passages from our novels at parties. To be able to mock real novelists who dawdle on and on, taking far longer than 30 days to produce their work.

When: You can sign up anytime to add your name to the roster and browse the forums. Writing begins November 1. To be added to the official list of winners, you must reach the 50,000-word mark by November 30 at midnight. Once your novel has been verified by our web-based team of robotic word counters, the partying begins.

This year, for the first time, I participated in and won nanowrimo. On the way, I found out some things about myself. Some of the things I learned:
  1. I like to see smaller achievable goals. I didn't write 50,000 words this month. I wrote 1667 for 30 days.
  2. Even within the smaller goals, I like flexibility. My chart looks something like this, no progress, no progress, no progress, 5000 words. Then, 1667 for three days running, then no words, no words, no words, then 3000 words.
  3. Being part of a group doing something slightly crazy makes it more fun.
  4. Jordan has beautiful young ladies (some of whom are teaching our kids, how lucky are we!) who are crazy too.
  5. Even in a place where people don't like to read, they will write novels. About 300 people signed up across the Middle East region. Regardless of how many complete their novel this month, the number is encouraging.
  6. Jordanian kids are competing in the Young Writer's program, how awesome is that?!
  7. I'm not sure what to do with my spare time anymore... but I'm sure I'll figure it out.
  8. People are more encouraging than you expect, even when what you're doing sounds as crazy as it is (thanks to all of those who have been Facebook encouraging me).
  9. People seem to want to read the awful novel you wrote in a 30 days period... even when they know you only took 30 days to write it...
  10. Nanowrimo is fun and everyone in Jordan should be required to participate at least once
Now I'm off to read some stories with the Beans, they've had much more rushed reading schedules this month and deserve some devoted time and attention today. MommaBean signing out with the relief of a job done (regardless of how well)...

Happy madness!


At 11:50 AM , Anonymous kinzi said...

Bravo Bravo Bravo!!!!

You did it! Very proud of you I am :)

Next Year, I WILL Join You!

At 12:01 PM , Blogger MommaBean said...

Woohooo! Ahlan wa sahlan. Not sure what next year's novel will be, but let's do it! I have an idea that requires like research and all, so maybe I'll do the research and then be ready to write the novel by Nov...

At 12:48 PM , Blogger Haitham Seelawi said...

Congrats =)

At 1:19 PM , Anonymous jaraad said...

You indeed deserve a standing ovation. Congratulations!
I am happy for you.

At 9:04 PM , Blogger MommaBean said...

Thanks guys. I'm excited and celebrating by going to the grocery store :(. Sigh. Teehee.


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