Monday, July 31, 2006

Going Back to Work

First, let me just say Ahhhhhhh. That's the sound of my personal relief. Tomorrow will be my first day at my new job. Okay, for those who weren't aware I was looking for work - I wasn't. It came looking for me. A local company here got my resume to potentially help them address a short term need and convinced me to take on an even greater, long-term challenge. So, tomorrow I head for the work-a-day world again. Well, except that my work will be somewhere between part-time and full-time. Oh, and it will be split between home and the office. I'm very excited. Staying home with my wonderful beans was fun, but not for me full-time. I go stir crazy and get annoyed easily. I'm just not a SAHM. Thank goodness that Tess (our household helper) has more patience. Well, and thank goodness she cooks and cleans, never my strong suits.

My new job is actually going to be quite fun. I get to something that I've done before, but never as comprehensively in one place. I've been brought on to help address a number of problems, starting with Employee Development. The company is having turnover issues that relate, as always, to many different things. But, as a consulting company that hires many fresh college graduates, I believe they have some challenge with their employees seeing what the future can be. So, I'll be working on a suite of projects in their overall development program. I get to develop annual employee development plans, an annual commitments (targets) process, an annual review process, a career path and promotion criteria process. In short, everything needed for employee development. They have some pieces, but don't feel like they're a great fit with the company. Their consultants are in Project Management and technology. They are also bringing in a couple of companies that do app dev and IT hardware. So, my experience at Blue Streak and previous companies will definitely be useful. Okay, you can see I'm excited. Enough about that. I have to take ButterBean to get her haircut. She wants a haircut like Dora the Explorer :). First time I've ever taken a plastic toy to the hairdresser before as a model of what I want... Oh, and JooJooBean decided she wants her hair cut like Boots the Monkey! The fun never stops.

Good hairstyles.


At 10:28 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new job, from the sounds of it you got your work cut out for you heh.. Well, hope you find it Enjoyably challenging :)

At 2:44 AM , Blogger MommaBean said...

Thanks Bakkouz! The first 3 days were lots of fun. I expect I will enjoy it. Perhaps even more so because if I don't I can always quit. Unlike jobs I've had in the past where I needed the income, this time the income is just more money for the kids' educational funds...


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