Saturday, July 22, 2006

A Word About Breezes

Okay, most people in Amman must take breezes for granted. But, being new to the area, I have to say a word about this amazing phenomenon. Most of my life has been lived in citites that are flat. I don't mean a little flat. I mean, flat like a pancake. Montgomery, AL, where I was raised has no hills. None. Not one. Baton Rouge, where we lived for last 8 years has even fewer (is that possible?). So, I'm used to places that have very high heat, very high humidity, and no breezes. Coming to Amman has been something of a revelation. In the shade, it's not only cooler, but you feel cooling breezes blowing. I've always associated breezes with the sea, and there's no sea here. Where do they come from, these mystical cooling currents of air? If I were a poet, I'd write a fine poem about them. But, as much as I'd like to be (and think I could be), I'm not. So, I won't add to the already inestimable amount of bad poetry already in existence.

When we moved into our apartment, we installed AC units in two of the rooms. The reason we made this decision is that El 3atal tends to get hot easily. As you may recall, I come from high heat and high humidity. I actually LIKE it hot. I get cold easily. So, I wear jeans all of the time. I have for years. This was nice as it means my wardrobe choices won't offend more conservative folks here and yet I didn't have to change an ingrained habit. So, we installed these AC units in our bedroom and the den/playroom. We use the bedroom unit every night as our room gets the bulk of the sun and very little of the breeze. Every other room in the house, though, gets such nice breezes that no AC would be necessary. We've only used the den AC once. And that was mostly because it was a Thursday night and the fireworks and wedding celebrations were a bit rowdy. We didn't want them waking the kids. As I sit here a type this, I'm being gently tickled by a cool breeze and smiling at this new sensation. Those of you who've always lived here, you don't know what an amazing thing you've got. Don't take it for granted. Turn your face to the heavens and give thanks for the blessing of breezes. They are a beautiful and rare gift.



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