Monday, June 19, 2006

A Banner Day for the Beans

Okay, I admit it. Small things make me happy. Really small things, although I guess it all depends on your perspective. Today was an awesome day. On the way to drop the beans off at school today, ButterBean (who's been resistant at best to living in Jordan) said to me, "I like our new house Mommy." After weeks upon weeks, okay actually it's been months, of her asking me when we'll move back to Baton Rouge, this is a very welcome change.

Then, after my school was done, I went for a haircut. The picture in my profile here is very old (probably about 2 years) and so you can't fully appreciate it, but I actually got about 10" cut off my hair today. It's even shorter than my profile picture. When I went in to this amazingly awesome lady at the salon (thanks Kinzi for the recommendation), I could tell she was a bit nervous about what I wanted. Here I am with hair all-one-length and halfway down my back showing her a picture of a chin-length layered bob. She expressed some worry that it would be a really big shock and feel strange. I tried to explain to her that I typically get my hair cut every other year or so and always get about this much taken off. She was very pleasantly surprised that I was enthusiastic, happy, and in love with my new style. I know she really thought I was likely to be uncertain (best case) or truly freak out (worst case) upon seeing myself in the mirror. So, happily I could surprise her. Then she surprised me. How much, you may wonder, did I pay for this new creation? How much did happiness cost me today? Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves... I paid.... 4 dinars. Okay, for those in the US, that's equivalent to about $6.50, I think. Yes, I went to a salon, got a fancy salon haircut and paid under $10! My mind is truly boggled by this, happy, but boggled.

And, it's as if the final baggage from an old life has been shed. I'm ready to face the ever-increasing heat with a built-in air conditioner. And, I feel lighter, happier, and more relaxed. Now, if only I could get the kids to cooperate and stop teasing each other, everything would be just right...



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