Saturday, June 17, 2006

Much Ado About Nothing

Yesterday, El 3atal and I took the beans to Popeye's for a bit of a play on the outdoor play area. ButterBean has been bugging us about this for about a month, so we finally broke down and did it. And, overall it was a pretty good experience. I discovered several things. First, Popeye's has better fried chicken than KFC (in my humble opinion, of course), second Popeye's actually has mashed potatoes, and finally, their Play Area is nice as are their outdoor tables. While the kids played, I shuttled back and forth from KFC to Burger King placing orders and getting food for the Beans. I took ButterBean to the little beans room (W.C. for those Anglophiles out there) and came back to find my food had been given to the beans. Not because we didn't have enough, but they just didn't notice the fun kids bags with food in them :). So, I went in again to get food. Finally! I started to eat. I was but mere moments into my chicken when our helper brought my youngest out of the play structure concerned that one of the girls has chicken pox.

My first instinct is that of all Moms, I suspect, GET MY KIDS OUT OF THERE! Decontaminate them! Quick! But, then a half second later reason takes over. Here are the next thoughts that came to me.

1. My kids have been vaccinated against the chicken pox, they aren't likely to get it.
2. If they do get it, it will likely be a very mild case (I understand that kids who've been vaccinated get maybe 2 spots on their tummies).
3. If they should somehow get a full blown case, they're all 4 and under, so who cares? They aren't in school. I got chicken pox (this is in the dark ages before the vaccine) when I was four. It was a bummer that I couldn't go out, but it wasn't an big problem.

So, once I got to number three, I figured, ah who cares, let them have fun. While we didn't rush off on account of the chicken pox, I think it did dampen the enthusiasm for the outing. And, while the caregiver of the child assured everyone that the Doctor's said she wasn't infectious, I suspect they knew it might have this affect. But, we did have fun, the tempest in the teapot notwithstanding. So, I do recommend Popeye's (or Burger King) on the 6th Circle. We had a good time and I expect you will as well.

Joy. (That's right, with the arrival of our furniture, I've got a whole new state of mind!)


At 6:27 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was the Popeye's chicken HOT like it is in Louisiana? It's not too good in the states. Glad you're finding fun places for them to eat out!

At 10:58 AM , Blogger MommaBean said...

You know, I was amazed that the Popeye's chicken wasn't at all hot. Now, I got the mild, of course... but it was actually mild. I've never been a fan of Popeye's in the US, but their chicken beat out KFC here by about 1,000,000. The only downside is that the gravy on the mashed potatoes has the same weird spicing things as it does in the US. Lesson learned, get the mashed pots with no gravy!


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