Saturday, June 10, 2006

Aching, exhausted, and thrilled

Okay, so after 2 days of unpacking and placing items, I'm hurting and sleepy. But, I'm SO happy. It's funny that such a small thing (okay maybe it's a big thing) makes such a difference in outlook. I've been walking on air all day knowing that we are moving today! That's right, by tonight I'll be sleeping in my own bed. Don't get me wrong, when I found El 3atal had put a large box of extra heavy games on top of 3 boxes of toys, I wasn't happy. Let me give you the mental picture of taking this down, my helper was standing on a table, shoving the box onto my head so that I could shift it onto the table, so she could hop over it onto the floor. And it was HEAVY! And, one more small point of frustration, I can't find the spare pillows. We've got our pillows and we brought Butterbean's with us. But, I don't have pillow for the twinbeans or for our helper. Hmmm... Appears we may be making a run pillow shopping tonight :). At any rate, if you see a short American waling around with a goofy smile on her face, just say Hi MommaBean 'cause it's probably me... Wishing you and your family...



At 11:59 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alf Mabrook!

One of my friends told me recently that it typically takes 6 months to get settled in after a move-- and considering the enormity of moving to Jordan, it may take longer! Anyway, it's helped me to face the situation with patience, to know that I don't have to hit the ground running.

May you and your family enjoy many years of happiness in your new home!

At 6:15 AM , Blogger MommaBean said...

Thanks Rebecca! We haven't moved sicne having kids. Prior to having kids, El 3atal always ensured that everything was put away the night that the furniture came. Either he's mellowed, or he's just too tired :). At any rate, we just move room by room. I'm aching to get to the office, so I can find the picture of the hairstyle I want and get it cut! Heehee. It's the small things.


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