Saturday, July 15, 2006

How long will we remain silent? I'm sorrowful at the answer...

For the most part, I avoid political topics on my blog. This is not because politics doesn't interest me. It's really more about the purpose of my blog. The underlying bottom-line purpose is to keep my family and friends in the States up to date with what's going on. It's a bit about my experience in a foreign land raising three wonderful children. I hope, through my blog, to provide a western perspective of the realities of life in Jordan. This is especially true since it isn't so many of things that people think. Some examples, I do NOT wear an abaya, burka, hijab, or any other covering for my clothes, face, or head. In fact, I wear exactly what I wore in the States - jeans and a short sleeved shirt. And, I'm modestly dressed for the local standards. Also, there are not violent protests in the street. Don't get me wrong, there are protests, but I haven't heard of any violent riots. I do not feel generally unsafe as an American. I don't get dirty looks (not many anyway) and don't get followed around town. I'm just another Mom doing my thing. However, today, I am feeling that I can no longer remain silent. And, so, this issues in a groundbreaking post of a political nature and to the point of the title, How Long Will We Remain Silent?

As an American, I have felt a terrible burden for several years. It's a burden of conscience, heart, and soul and is awfully heavy. This burden springs from knowing that our government, of the people, by the people, for the people has been increasingly bought. The purchase of our nation has been stealthy and mostly silent. And, the truly insidious nature of this is that the purchase is for votes on an issue that doesn't affect most people. Most Americans are neither interested in, nor affected by, the State of Israel. Most Americans have no idea how much money the American government pays in support of a racist regime. And, (and this is what truly saddens me) most Americans don't care. This isn't a mean-spirited apathy, it's the natural human one. Most Jordanians don't care if the State of Alabama and the State of Mississippi are having issues either. It's just not in their realm of understanding. It doesn't touch daily life. And yet, America's participation in the state-sanctioned terrorism of Israel makes it a burden for each American to carry. By our votes, we carry the responsibility for each Palestinian child, mother, father, sister, and brother killed by the Israelis. We carry the responsibility for each person maimed and for each person jailed with no trial. And, still we (and I include myself) remain largely silent.

For far too long, Israel has committed such awful crimes of degradation and intentional genocide on the Palestinians, who are not citizens of Israel and thus have limited rights. And, they've done so with sometimes blind eyes and sometimes sheering on by the American government. And now, they've once again attacked a sovereign nation. They've begun bombing a nation in return for the action of extremists. This is akin to an extermist Canadian (let's call him a libertarian, for illustration's sake) coming into the US and kidnapping two American soldiers. The US would then, byt his Israeli model, be perfectly justified in attacking Canada and killing innocent Canadian civilians. I think not. Somehow, Israel has managed to convince people that they deserve a special exemption. Okay, I say somehow and the reality is that, like all other bullies, they have big fists and an even bigger brother. And, as an American, it makes me ashamed. Deep down, knowing I did not vote for the current Administration, I am still ashamed. And, someday I hope that I will no longer be ashamed, but at this point, I remain unconvinced. The purchase of America is far, far down the road and I'm not sure whether there's any way back. How long will we remain silent? I am afraid of the answer, it brings me great sorrow... And, like Lina I'm angry about the current situation. But, I also recognize that another angry American won't do much more good than another angry Arab...

I'm wishing you, your family, and your loved ones safety and security in these tough times.


At 10:35 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is a rough situation. I appreciate your words and your thoughts. They help me with my own internal frustration. The fact that I don't feel like I do enough.

Atleast I keep an open mind and read. I read. I vote. Please send for your absentee Ballot in 2008.
America isn't for sale. It has already been sold. The question is who bought it?

Politics as Usual: Card Game

At 8:38 AM , Blogger MommaBean said...

Good point. I'll be planning to apply for my absentee ballot, but expect I need to change my current voter registration. I'll have to do that next time I'm in the US. I did absentee ballot the first time the current President was elected. Unfortunately, at the time my vote and El 3atal's cancelled each other out. The last time, he didn't make the same mistake :). I'm glad if I help you a tiny bit with your internal frustration. Writing helps me a tiny bit with my internal frustration. I'm such a small person, there's so little I can do. But every day, I'll keep on trying...


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