Friday, August 11, 2006

The Joy of Chicken

Okay, I admit, this is an odd title line. But, it was what came to mind. We took the kids to Hardee's today and had a blast. ButterBean prefers Hardee's over most forms of entertainment as their play structure is indoors. She also likes the chicken stars. Allow me to say, stroke of genius. The guy who came up with that idea was truly smart. Usually, though, we fight a losing battle trying to get them to eat. On more than one occasion, I've gotten the question as soon as we're getting ready to go if we'll be eating dinner at home. Today, we waited until a little after the kids usually eat lunch to head over there (El 3atal was being lazy). So, both girls asked to eat before they went to play. So, we did. JoojooBean wolfed down 6 or so of the chicken stars all on her own! It's the best she's eaten at Hardee's. JuniorBean was the only one who didn't eat well. He had 4 fries or so and then the siren song of the slide became too much to ignore.

They all went down the slide at least 20 times and spent a very happy 45 minutes just playing. We had a nice time with El 3atal's parents, just sitting and talking and waving. All in all, it's an experience I'd certainly recommend. So, if you guys want to have a playdate with the beans, come on to Hardee's and join us! There's plenty of room and plenty of chicken stars, but come early or JoojooBean will eat them all up!

Happy Stars!


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