Thursday, September 07, 2006

Butterbean started school :(, sniff, sniff

So, this week marks more firsts in our lives. ButterBean started school (pre-K) this week. Until now, she's pretty much stayed home with a Nanny, so going to school is a big deal. She's been asking for about 2 years to go to school. Unfortunately, I don't think she realized she'd have to go without the twins... I think that scared her more than anything. On Monday, she had a two hour class where parents were invited to come and stay. I did and ButterBean definitely enjoyed it. Wednesday was her first full day and it did not go well :(. We were a tad overambitious. Since I'm working now, we decided to have ButterBean try the school's afterschool care. They take them from the classroom to the downstairs "waiting room". ButterBean was definitely not enamored of this. She got quite scared and cried for about 1/2 hour. Then when we got home, she went and hid under her playroom table. I cried myself for a couple of minutes. I promptly called the twins' pre-school and asked if they could have someone walk over to the school to pick up ButterBean. We tried it today and (although ButterBean still isn't sure she believes me that she doesn't have to go to the second room anymore) the day went much better. Instead of a miserable, crying, little wreck, today I found a happy playing big girl. Being with the twins in familiar surroundings (they spent June at the pre-school together) made all of the difference. I think she'll even agree to go back to school again on Saturday :). So, anyway, maybe we weren't quite ready, but we're getting there. Keep us in your thoughts...both that ButterBean will get adjusted and that no one will run us down while we're walking holding hands to the pre-school!

Happy learning!


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