Friday, August 11, 2006

Omar Inspired Me - Does Anyone Else Feel OLD?

Omar, welcome to my blog. I went to check yours out and realized that you're so young. A baby really. And, it got me thinking... I haven't seen any statistics on this, but I have a sense that average age of bloggers must be about 24. The Cyberjournalist website says that the "Power Creators" who generate the most content on the web have an average age of 25, so I guess I'm pretty close. So, seeing the youth of the blogging community makes me feel old. Mind you, I don't really look old (I typically look about 5 years younger than I am which is fine at 35, but I didn't like it much at 21 when I had a 16 year old kid ask me out). But thinking of where I was and what I was doing at 19 is eye opening. At 19, I was in my second year of college (in fact, I'd probably just met El 3atal). I thought of myself as politically astute and globally aware. Ahhh, how we delude ourselves.

And, so, 16 years later (yes when I was Omar's age, he was 3!), I find myself living in an awesome foreign country with young children who, 16 years from now will be making you feel old! But, how much more aware are these averages bloggers than I was. How many more tools do they have? It's a wonderful thing to see. The Lina's and the Omar's and the Jano's... They rock and they are trying so hard to make a difference. And, you know what, they are. Even if things change slowly, they do change. And, even if the number you touch is small, you are touching people. And, I'm in awe of the intellect and the drive and the awareness of these young people today. I'm so glad to know you all, even if our only acquaintance is virtual. Keep up the good work! Keep making us old fogeys FEEL old. After all, it reminds me that if you can do it, so can I!



At 5:09 AM , Blogger maxandpidge said...

Hey MommaBean - I found your blog today and was happy to hear about your transition to Jordan. I continue to have some of the same observations of Amman as we just returned to Jordan after being away for 4 years. Check out our blog at How is the arabic going? Peace from another old fogey blogger.

At 5:50 AM , Blogger omar said...

Wow! I didn't expect I would ever influence any other human being. I think it's quite amusing, and it puts responsibility on yourself at the same time!

First off, Thank You. People like you, who give people of younger age consideration and would like to hear them out are the ones who help to make a change. Hopefully, by your age I'd be able to make a change, or at least realise that I tried to do something.
Not reach a point where I give up,
just for the sake of 'going on' in my life!

And by the way, you're my age of my eldest brother -- So no problems here! :D

Say HELLO to your little beans!


At 6:03 AM , Blogger MommaBean said...

Hey Pidge! or is it Max? At any rate, Arabic's going well, but slowly. I assume you start again in September. I'm bookmaring your blog as it looks to be really great. Loved the pics in Syria, looks like a fun trip.

Omar, see, isn't it nice the way we old fogeys can deliver a compliment and challenge at the same time? Teehee. At any rate, I find that everyone at any age can teach me things, if I listen. So I do and continue to enjoy the things I learn. The day I stop learning is the day I die...


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