Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jordanians Vie for Most Giving People Title: What I Found At the Gaza Drop Off

So, after culling through and getting all of our old awesome coats (several are double layer coats with hats and other cold fighting factors), I headed off to the grocery store for my weekly shopping. Given that it was already after 5:30, I expected not to make it to all of my usual stores, but wanted to grab my most necessary items and a host of canned and bagged goods for those poor souls trapped in Gaza. Adding to my usual list canned beans, peas, corn, hummus, fruit, and rice, I braved the cold rainy streets. I'll admit that if it weren't for the 7iber/Action Committee collection, I would have waited until tomorrow for the shopping (I DO hate shopping). As I neared the Safeway Circle, there was an astonishing amount of traffic. I wondered aloud to the empty car if this could POSSIBLY be us... Could we have so many people coming by to drop things off that traffic was blocked up an hour before the start time?

I proceeded to do my shopping. It took an unusually long time today as the poor fellow who was scanning the groceries moved a host of items (let's say 50JDs worth) to the bagging area without having actually scanned them. The efficient bagger bagged it before the checker got around to scanning it. The manager was called over and apologized profusely. Now, I know I may seem rude and impatient to those who know me only through my blog. Actually, I am very impatient with incompetence, laziness, and poor service. What I am NOT impatient with is honest mistakes and the painful process of learning lessons. I insisted to the Manager that it really wasn't an issue and that it is fine for him to void the transaction and re-ring all of the items. They brought over a chair for me and I sat and waited. It actually gave me the chance to have the bagger separate all of the cans and bags for Gaza, so it did me a pretty big favor. The poor bag boy (who did nothing wrong) attempted to not take my 1JD tip. I insisted. After all, the whole situation was not only not his fault, but he had to do his job twice through no fault of his own. So, I insisted. Then I headed over to the 7iber/Action Committee drop off point. The traffic was backed up at the turn next to Safeway so I went up to the little circle. It was backed up there as well.

I saw the Konouz-mobile and thought, hey maybe I'll run into Kinzi. Sure enough after about 5 minutes of sitting, she and two of the fine Konouz boys wandered by and offered to help carry my goods. As I waited, I saw a large Aramex truck pulling off, presumably filled with another one taking its place. The answer to my question was apparent, the entire traffic back-up was people turning out in mass numbers to give. First, let me apologize to the residents of the neighborhood who likely had no idea what was going on. Second, let me thank the organizers.

I don't know them all, but I finally met the infamous Nas and saw Eyad from the Action Committee and saw Miriam from a distance. For each of you who put your heart and soul into this thing, I know that blessings will come your way. And thank you to each of you who proved that, when moved, Jordanians can even compete with the Americans on giving! Those who caused traffic jams in the cold and rain to give of what you have, also are a blessing to each other and to those in Gaza who may be helped by your offerings.

Happy Giving!


At 10:48 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

MB, here we are blogging simultaneously again! I loved the story from your perspective, and the amazing grace you poured out on that bagger-boy. A God-thing. You are a Treasure.

At 9:32 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

Alhamdulillah. Sorry I missed you at the drop off, but I could have missed a bunch of folks there! It was amazing. I am really proud of Jordanians tonight, and that is not something I get the pleasure of saying too often. Go Jordan! Now let's all pray that the goods make it to those who need them in Gaza.

At 3:17 AM , Blogger Madi said...


At 4:24 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

so what is the role of syber media regarding GAZA disaster?
you can see my blog:

At 4:45 PM , Blogger Qabbani said...


then u saw me too ;)

we were 4 from action committee and 4 from 7iber , and every body jump to help and it was amazing night

we really surprised of all this

we arrange with Aramex for Two trucks as max

but we call for more and it reach 12 one at the end,
we stayed till 1.30am

and next day we spend it all in sorting and packing the stuff :)

actually we still work in that , another shift on Friday and might need Sat. too

At 10:06 AM , Blogger MommaBean said...

Kinz, I dashed home to blog before you ;).

Nicole, isn't it awesome that we could miss people in the crowds. And, I even know what you look like...

Jad, your videos were so inspiring man. Keep up the good work.

Q, were you there too?! As far as I know, we haven't met so that's how I missed you. Sounds like you've had some late nights. I had hoped to help out with the loading and sorting, but got otherwise occupied with little Beans. Maybe I'll get word of the next chance.


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