Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Countercultural Again?! My Top 50 JO things...

Somehow I missed the whole Top50 thing (well I saw the tweety thing, but not being up on technology...). So, I'm running with it and remaining counter-cultural. However, I will not take Qwaider's approach and talk about 50 things I don't like. Here's what I'm going to do... instead of top 50, I'm... well why should I ruin the surprise? You'll read it soon enough.

First I want to say that I've lived in a bunch of places. El 3atal and I lived in like 6 cities in the South, Northeast, Midwest, and Southeast and here's something I've learned in my moves... every city has awesome things about it and every city has things that suck. Really, every one. We've been in Jordan nearly 4 years and I've had lots to time to observe things. I have so many favorites things, but they seem to be less tangible than most of what I've seen. So, in my bid to be counter-cultural (more because I'm unaware than anything else, teehee), I'm giving you the MommaBean 3 (one for each Bean)!
  1. For ButterBean: Sunny, sunny skies and beautiful (if dry) weather
  2. For JuniorBean: Fabulous history and architecture that connects the past with the present and future
  3. For JujuBean: Opportunities to be part of a vibrant, beautiful community and help those less fortunate

Hope you enjoy my slimmed down version of the Top 50...

Happy Countercultures!


At 3:51 PM , Blogger NasEr said...

so this is a teaser post ?

At 2:49 AM , Blogger MommaBean said...

NasEr, what? I shoud do a 3 a day until... Well, maybe. We'll see. Maybe I can do ten a week for 5 weeks ;). And, this week 3 are already done, bonus!


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