Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wow, I KNEW she was funny, but... good job!

** Note: this is a very loose recollection and (having just watched it again, it's twice as funny as represented below).

So, EL 3atal happened to watch Saturday Night Live the night that Betty White was on. It was SO worth it. In particular, her skit with the census worker was funny to me on so many levels. I have not laughed that hard in forever.

If by any chance you missed it, you really have to check it out here. Truly it was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Just to hook you in, let me introduce you. Tina Fey plays opposite Betty as the census worker. In the beginning of the skit, the census worker knocks on the door.

Betty: Hello, yes dear.
Fey: Hi, ma'am, I'm a census worker.
Betty: That's nice for you, dear (begins to close door).
Fey: You didn't return your census questionnaire, can I ask you a few questions.
Betty: Of course, dear.
Fey: Including you, how many adults live here?
Betty: None.
Fey: You don't live here?
Betty: Oh, including me? 3.

It goes on from there and gets better and better. Each time I thought they really couldn't take it up a notch, they did...

Well, I saw an article here today and discovered that she won an Emmy for the performance. It also seems to have re-kickstarted her career. Well, deserved I'm certain. Hope you enjoy!

Happy Census Humor!


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