Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Like Greeting Old Friends...

The beans and I started decorating the Christmas tree tonight. In fact, if we had our final box, I'd be done. Unfortunately, I'm not at all sure where it is. But, the majority of our Christmas decorations were included in the boxes we have found. As I was opening them up, it was like greeting old friends. About 40% of the ornament are ones from when I was a little girl. Some are ones that my Mom, brother, and I painted. Others are cherished and treasured friends to young children. They are mostly my favorites, the gumdrop man that has lost a leg, the small girl in a yellow dress whose head is lopsided, the little soldier boy who lost his his hanging top years ago. But, always my favorite, the one I waited anxiously to see come out of the box is my Martian man. My brother called him a robot, but I was convinced that he was a martian. See the picture above. So many of the ornaments were designed for the fun of children... And so, tonight, it was a greeting of old friends and a warming of my heart. I hope you enjoy the pictures of my martian man as much as I enjoyed meeting him once again.

Happy decorating!


At 11:55 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Momma bean, SO fun! Getting them out of the box is half the fun! Last year was th e first Christmas we had ornaments that I grew up with, as my parents had passed away, and my kids play with them just like I used to.

When my brothers and I were dividing up the ornaments, it was like we were kids again. Remembering certain ones and what they meant to us. Oh, nostalgia


At 3:51 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's see if I can get this thing to keep it this time. It's awful being old and intimidated by these electronic things. Can't figure them out. Anyway, about martian man. When your father and I were first married we lived in Huntsville, AL and both worked in the space program. I worked on the actual moon rocket and he worked purchasing all the items that had to be used for us to do the work. This 'martian' man was a little memento of that time in our lives. It was before you were born, so maybe you never knew the story. Hope this adds a little to your enjoyment of him. Mimi


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