Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Maaaaa, Another blogsheep at the ICT Forum

So, I figured I can't buck the trend. I suspect I'm the most anonymous of the bloggers at the ICT Forum as I know so few people. But I did see Ameen and Lina. I also rode back on the bus with Roba, so it was a nice experience. I have to admit that the forum was rather exactly what I expected. The organization leading up to it and at the forum itself were what I've come to expect from Jordanian events and organizations. I'm sorry to say that isn't very positive. Alas, life goes on. It has been a very nice networking event as I met a number of the folks previously at the int@j strategy development workshops. But all in all, the event is light on thought-provoking content and rich on networking opportunities. I've been enjoying it, but disappointed at how far from world-class the organization of the event has been. Maybe I'll have to speak to int@j about that :). After all, in my long and industrious career, I've planned and executed quite a few of these events. But, I'm going back for a second day to hear El 3atal's cousin speak as part of one of the panels. One highlight so far is the same cousin's book being held up and shown about by Edgar Masri, CEO of 3Com. Talk about cool. So, at any rate, I'll be on to other topics tomorrow (or later today), I'm certain, but I wanted to follow the other lemmings and post about the Forum. After all, it seems to be a mark of distinction among bloggers to have attended.

Happy technologizing!


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