Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Odd Man Out: On Unrequited Love Pre-school Style

Today as we were dropping Butterbean off at school, we encountered an interesting situation. We walked in and one of the girls in the class shouted, see girl #1 (we'll call her LinaBean), Butterbean's here! We were a bit confused until she went on to tell us that Butterbean's best friend has been crying because she wasn't there yet. That's right, Butterbean has a best friend. She's a sweet little girl and they hug pretty much every morning. She hangs about the class waiting on Butterbean to come so they can play together. And this morning, we were apparently too late for her liking, poor thing. As we were leaving El 3atal asked me which little girl is NatBean. You see, NatBean is the third member of their tribe of two.

The school recently had grandparents day for Butterbean's class. Apparently parents were also welcome (no they didn't tell us in advance) so we came back when Teta and Jiddo called. While there we met NatBean's Mom and found out that she talks all the time about Butterbean. It's Butterbean this and Butterbean that when they get home. NatBean is a lovely sweet little girl, but it seems ButterBean and LinaBean have eyes only for each other. So, even at this young age, there's an odd man (or girl) out. And, as much as my heart aches for NatBean, it thrills that my sweet Butterbean has found such a good friend at such a young age. It's made all the difference in the world to her outlook on school, life, etc. So, we'll try and get the girls to include NatBean, but I'm happy in the knowledge that they have each other...

Happy friendships!


At 4:34 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Adorable post!
I love hearing about kids- they are the cutest things:)

At 12:42 AM , Blogger MommaBean said...

Thanks. I enjoy talking about my kids :).


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