Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Making History?

Last night, I was unusually able to convince El 3atal to take me to a favorite spot for hot chocolate. In the process, we noticed that the new bridge across from Deir Ghbar to Abdun was open. Having explored around the nastiness of the closed bridge several times recently, I was quite interested to see how much they had actually finished. Wow! While we were on vacation, it seems that they managed to complete the new hideously ugly superstructure bridge. I know my opinion may very well be a minority, but I'm not thrilled by the concrete and steel suspension bridge. I don't think it's pretty. Paint it purple or blue (or any color), and maybe I'll change my mind... But for now, I'm not sold. I AM, however, sold on the speed with which you can now navigate from the fourth circle to the Blue Fig! Or even beyond... How amazing is that? So, we took the new bridge and came up at the fourth circle and I find that, as much as I don't plan to drive on the bridge (call me overly cautious), it will be very nice for the people who live out on that end of town.

Speaking of bridges and my reluctance to drive on this one, let me explain it. Shortly after I came to Amman for the very first time, El 3atal was showing me a very simple, uncomplicated bridge that had been built over Airport Road. He mentioned that immediately after they finished it, it fell down, so they had to build it again. Yikes! Color me VERY scared of a curved, concrete suspension bridge that is clearly complicated. So, I'll stay earth bound when possible, but was pleased to see an end to the annoying challenges getting around in that area.

Happy rappelling!


At 8:41 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't mind the looks of the bridge, but I have become kind of earth-quake phobic in recent years in Amman. That bridge is just the last place I want to be. I saw the bridge in Southern California that buckled in 1972...yeeesh!

MommaBean, I just realized that as of Saturday, my two little ones will only be in school ONE day between Dec. 22 and Feb. 4. I'm flipping...how will I survive? What are you going to do?

At 11:13 PM , Blogger MommaBean said...

Bring them on over! The twins have school (if we take them) for three days, but that's all. Generally they'll be playing at home making Miss Thess pull her hair out :). But, we'd love to have some playdates if yours are willing... Drop me an e-mail and we can make some concrete arrangements.


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