Thursday, November 01, 2007

Reflections on Coming Home...

Well, the beans and I are officially back in the fair city of Amman. Let me first say, what gorgeous weather. The US had turned cold and icky and it is refreshing to come back to evening temperatures being like the highs in the US. We had a generally very positive set of flights back with smooth skies and very good beans. So, now that we're home, I have to give thanks for a few thinks (reflections on coming home).

Our last few days with MemeBean were the best we had while there. Although I think we stayed a little too long for our comfort and I got sick, it was still wonderful. One of the reasons is that MemeBean arranged for a couple of things that we would be missing out on.

Halloween: I have to admit that Halloween has always been one of my favorite times. I love trick-or-treating. I loved it so much in college that I had MemeBean make outlandish costumes (I was once a Tyrannosaurus Rex) and went t-ot-t'ing on faculty row. At our school, faculty row is two blocks long and, at the time, was mostly older professors and their wives. They got few t-or-t'ers. One of the ladies was the wife of a professor who had died some years before. I found out that she was terribly lonely and wanted kids, but none lived on the street. It's actually what got me started. Every year, we'd go to her house and she's invite us in for homemade Jack-o-lantern cookies and candy goodies. None of the mini bars and nonsense for her. She gave full size candy bars to everyone who would come by. She also always served spiced apple cider. Too fun and so nice to visit with her for awhile.

Since we were in transit on Halloween, MemeBean arranged for us to go trick-or-treating with some of PoppaBean's friends the night before. It hearkened back to my college days, honestly. We went to his 3 best friend's houses and went in and sat down and got treats. Butterbean was a beautiful Princess Aurora (the Sleeping Beauty for those not in the know), JujuBean was Snow White and JuniorBean was a unicorn. It wasn't quite the same experience as going door to door for hours until your little legs give out, but was wonderful.

Thanksgiving: That's right, the US may celebrate Thanskgiving in November, but I had Thanksgiving dinner last weekend. MemeBean arranged for several family members (including UncleBean and BrotherBean) to come over and cooked the whole spread. All of the food was so lovely. But, as with every Thanksgiving, the best part was being with loved ones and enjoying company and fun. We had all of the traditional foods (turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and relish, candied yams, macaroni and cheese, stuffing and dressing). It was just what I look for Thanksgiving to me and has me started thinking about Thanksgiving here this year. Maybe the Beans can convince the Konouz to come and do the tradition up right this year?

MemeBean didn't arrange for Christmas, but given the number of items that appeared both before we arrived and while we there, it might as well have been Christmas. So, maybe the actual Christmas this year will be a tad small under the tree (I can only hope). I got most of our Christmas shopping for the beans done and am very glad of that!

The other super-fun thing we did was go to a local Science Center for kids ( It is rather in the spirit of the Children's museum here. However, I have to honestly say that Jordan's new Children's Center makes this one look like child's play, teehee, pun intended. It highlighted how absolutely world-class the museum here is. While the one we went to had some really great features for younger kids like the beans, the Children's Museum here has more of everything for all ages. It made me proud to know that we have something so great here and even more determined to talk El 3atal into the annual membership :). Since winter's coming, it should be the ideal time to spend fun days inside.

Okay, so now, I must turn from reflections to unpacking. We missed you Amman... we're glad to be home!

Happy homecoming!


At 5:28 AM , Blogger Me said...

Welcome home!!!
sounds like a fun trip for you and the family!
the best thing about it is that you got to spend time with your family and had thanksgiving dinner also!! that is a blessing!
thanks for listing the menu...i am going to cook thanksgiving dinner this year (again) and i always look for different side dishes to include on the menu. i am sure amman missed you too! :)

At 8:52 AM , Blogger MommaBean said...

Thanks Summer. We had a very nice time and I enmoyed Thanksgiving greatly.

At 11:07 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great to have you all back in town. I like the holiday stack-up the last week. :)

At 5:17 AM , Blogger MommaBean said...


Holidays are great. And, it's not every year that you get to have Thanksgicing before Halloween :).


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